What is MCAP (MCAP) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide 


Bitcoin Growth Fund (BGF) is the company behind the ICO fund and mining token, MCAP coin. As a venture capital fund based on the blockchain, BGF offers various investment options to its users where they can use tokens in equity investments. The peer-to-peer transactions available on MCAP is possible through the ERC20 protocol.

There are three main areas which the MCAP labs prioritize:

  • ICO investment
  • ICO evaluation
  • Mining research

MCAP Coin in figures – Status 16.12.2017

MCAP has a total of 100,000,000,000 coins with a USD 12.4 million market capitalization. Although this figure is likely to be more at this time, there are 38,295,641 MCAP tokens in circulation with a trading volume of US$ 612,000 daily.


The options are numerous as BGF is continuously investing in the mining process of different Altcoins. The number of Altcoins keeps changing as there is a continuous update to ensure that any new cryptocurrency on the market is added to the portfolio.

The goal of this process is to provide a potential for maximum profits from the mining of the different altcoins.

Electricity bills higher that profits generated through mining are a major issue for miners with setups that are underpowered. The goal of the mining research process of MCAP labs is to produce infrastructure solely for mining purposes to remove various mining limitations. With its two-way research methodology, MCAP lab hopes to provide large mining returns on both Bitcoin as well as various other altcoins.

MCAP Coin – ICO Evaluation

The process through which a new cryptocurrency project sells its crypto coin to investors in exchange for ether and bitcoin is known as the Initial Coin Offering. This process is more of a fundraising event.

With so many ICOs available on the market on a daily basis, there are individuals who carry out ICO fraud. This makes it difficult for genuine ICOs to attract major investors.

To avoid fraud on the platform, BGF analysts have over thirty parameters which are available to check the potential of different ICOs.

Benefits of MCAP tokens

The purchase of MCAP tokens is not only a safe means of investing in the cryptocurrency market but it also gives individuals access to more profitable returns. The algorithm which was developed by BGF provides an in-depth analysis of various factors to determine the maximum profitability of a particular altcoin at any time.

The investment sector has experienced lots of changes over the years with the most significant being the ability of small investors to participate in the funding of start-ups like Uber, Facebook, Alibaba, and more.

The Future of MCAP Coin

The financial sector is experiencing rapid changes and there has been a huge focus on cryptocurrencies following these changes. There has also been a significant increase in the demand for cryptocurrencies with various countries steadily recognizing its potential. Similar to Fiat currency, trading of Bitcoin is already popular in countries like the US and some parts of Europe. In Japan, Bitcoin is acceptable as a legal tender.

Following these positive developments, there is an increase in the demand for cryptocurrencies which also attracts more investors to the cryptocurrency community.


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