What is Maverick Chain (MVC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

What Exactly is the Maverick Chain?

Simply defined, the Maverick Chain/System works as what is referred to as a “solution platform” that provides support to various multi-chains. The vision of those who developed the Maverick Chain concept involves evolving the traditional Internet network of simply information to a network that has a significant amount of value that will be available to its users. It is believe by those within the Maverick network that this particular platform will be a key player in this evolution.

The Framework of Maverick Chain

The basic framework of the Maverick Chain consists of a foundation that is primarily comprised of two components: the Maverick System and the committee who manages the Maverick System. The foundation of the Maverick System is composed of some of the highest levels which govern the System by offering the following rights:

  • Appointing members (by election of course) of the committee  who will manage the System and its day-to-day operations
  • Revoking the decisions of the committee that are not agreed upon
  • Develop solutions and/or modifications for codes in the Maverick System

Management Committee of Maverick Chain: More In-Depth

The management committee of the Maverick Chain also handles five primary departments which include:

  • Technical Department: responsible for all levels of technical management, management of code, modification of code, and miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Asset Auditing and Management: this department is responsible for the auditing of all online cryptocurrency in order to ensure that they are in total compliance with the Maverick network
  • Financial Management: responsible for all funds that are raised by the ICO, as well as the auditing of various cash flow
  • Legal: reviews all legal material such as agreements, contracts, and any other articles that are associated with the Maverick Chain
  • Administration: drafts all necessary documents that are required for the Maverick system, implements required programs and projects, as well as the handling of recruiting employees, and promoting of various marketing materials

Future of Maverick Chain

The Maverick Chain is slowly making a major impact in the world of digital currency and blockchain technology; if it continues on the path that it is on, it will undoubtedly leave a legacy to be rivaled with.

Smart Contracts within Maverick Chain

An additional feature of the Maverick Chain network is its own compatibility with what are called “smart contracts”; what this means is that this system has the ability to automate the transfer of various assets (which are digitized) based on certain conditions and/or rules which have been previously formulated and/or determined. An even more defined explanation is that it is a blockchain that is able to create smart contracts that, in turn, ensures the seamless execution of numerous transactions and exchanges.

Technological Features of Maverick Chain

The tech features of the Maverick Chain will undoubtedly make your blockchain not only more secure, but also more efficient and even more intelligent. With simple steps using the Maverick Chain technology, users are able to convert various applications that are more traditional into applications that are more focused on the blockchain technology as we mentioned above.


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