What is Masternodecoin (MTNC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Using the static proof of stake in rewarding its users, Masternodecoin 【MTNC】is a decentralized cryptocurrency which is also based on the blockchain. The reward which a node on the network receives is equivalent to the amount of work it does thanks to the static reward system in use on the network. Through this means, it eliminates any form of centralization on the network. It also makes use of a masternode network which provides massive rewards while also offering improved functions like private transactions which are instant.

Features of Masternodecoin

Private transactions

The Masternodecoin is a currency which is fully interchangeable and this is one of the features which is used in providing transactions which are completely private. Using a decentralized mixing service, private transactions are separated into various transactions which are not easy to differentiate. It is also possible to replace a unit of the Maternodecoin with another unit since they are all identical. This makes it more difficult to understand the original transaction.

PrivateSend Basics

To get the best financial privacy, PrivateSend conceals the source of any fund you send on the network. Input is a term used to describe the parts that make up an MTNC. To make your coins secure from detection, the inputs of your coins are combined with inputs of coins from two other users. You still have full control over your coins with complete security.

One-Key-Bounty SystemIn life and work-related activities, offering a form of reward usually promotes positive relationships. It can improve relationships and enthusiasm. The use of the One-Key-Bounty System also provides the same impact on the platform. This form of bounty is easy to use and much faster with just a single mouse click.

Privacy Chatting System

Although communications are supposed to be private, there is a possibility of your data going straight to an intelligence agency. The MTNC privacy chatting system offers a secure means for texting, and sending photo messages which have a self-destruct setting. This self-destruct setting is used along with an encryption to assure users of communication which is private and secure. The MTNC chatting system also gives users the option to clear all records of information as soon as the user reads them to prevent any form of privacy leak. 

Privacy Searching System

Using any of the common and popular search engines has one major pitfall – it records all your data. Information like the visitation time, links you click, and search terms are recorded using tracking cookies while your IP address is also registered. Censorship is another limitation which may come up in addition to the absence of privacy when the search engine keeps track of your searches. Through these searches, a lot of information about you can be deduced including political views, interests, medical challenges, family issues, and so on. There are lots of groups which will find this information quite useful including black-hat hackers, marketers, criminals, and government officials. A third party engineer is available in ensuring your privacy on the MTNC Privacy Searching System.


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