What is Machinecoin (MAC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Launched in 2014, Machinecoin used the Litecoin as the basis for its creation as a cryptocurrency running as on a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform.

Machinecoin Features


A unique development of the Machinecoin team is the Warp Drive. This is an in-block retargeting system which offers much faster transaction times on the platform.

The platform eliminates censorship as well as any centralized authority making it a fully decentralized cryptocurrency.

Instant payments
The instant payments feature of the Machinecoin will be compatible with the SegWit and Lightning-Network thanks to the core 0.16.0 release.

Users on the platform create the decentralized network nodes in use on the Machinecoin platform. Masternodes are also available to ensure there that nodes are always in operation.

Machinecoin Reward Structure

Since the implementation of the version 0.16.0 release, there have been changes to the Machinecoin block reward structure. Masternodes are now available which help in stabilizing the ecosystem, offering a more secure network, and also in governance. There is a governance allocation of 10% for this purpose.

The Machinecoin network gives all users the opportunity to create a proposal to source funds for any project they wish to carry out.
There will be a 45% Proof-of-Work per block while 45% of a mined blocks reward will go to the Masternode.


This roadmap follows various events from January to October 2018.
In January, the platform had a TimeTravel upgrade to enable the use of the Warp Drive. To prepare for the coming core updates, SegWit was enabled on the platform in February while there were various updates on the social media pages of the currency in March.

The Masternode was released in May on the Machinecoin livenet and an update to the newest bitcoin core 0.16.0 was available. In this same month, the Machinecoin also received lightning network as a lightweight client.

The whitepaper written by Jeff was published in June on all Machinecoin platforms with listing on new exchanges as well as expansion into new markets.

In July, the developers were focusing a lot on social-media bots along with updates on MachinecoinPay which was formerly MacPay. The YouTube stream-bot was also in works.
The developers hope to finalize a decentralized exchange in August and provides updates and improvements to the user interface of the Machinecoin wallet in October.

Team behind Machinecoin

The team of developers behind Machinecoin include Nico Lucciola who is currently the CEO and also a developer. He is knowledgeable in various programming languages like Python, NodeJS, C++, and more.

Another member of the team is Jeff who is also a developer and a graphic designer. He became a member of the team after coming across the Machinecoin project as far back as in 2014, the year it was launched. After sending in some of his artworks, he is now known as the graphics designer of the Machinecoin.

If you want to meet a developer who has also been a long-term supporter of the Machinecoin project, then meet Vincenzo. Although he just recently joined as a developer, he was initially working on the Machinecoin project in 2014 before going on a break from the crypto community.


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