What is Live Stars (LIVE) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

When it comes to adult entertainment you probably think of all those naughty spaces of the internet, digital call girls, sleazy webcam streaming sites and so on. The adult entertainment industry is a multi-million dollar industry that comes with many risks. From viruses to data breaches to all-out bans and laws regulating the content, there isn’t much room for personal viewing pleasure so to speak.

While some may find this sort of entertainment morally wrong or taboo, others still choose to pursue it for whatever reason they may have. Whether it be creating said adult content or simply viewing it for a small fee, everyone seeks to gain something from this redlight district attraction.

There are many websites that offer a variety of services between models and partners, but many often come with either a heavy price, privacy violation, or take most of the profits leaving the streamer bare of their earnings. Then there is always the issue of many of these site offering dated security measures for all of their clients and users.  

So how can a person enjoy their webcam “star” without all the violations of privacy and security risks that come with it? Is there a platform that truly benefits both models and partners without a ripoff intermediary? Is there a way to remain anonymous while contributing to someone’s “modeling” career?

Is there really a platform out there that can offer plenty of opportunities to shine with minimal to no restrictions? Well, you will be surprised to know there is, in fact, a platform that has been specifically developed to solve all of these problems and more.

Live Stars: When Adult Webcam Entertainment Meets The Secure Cryptocurrency Industry

The developers who created the Live Stars platform wanted to not only provide a transparent and secure environment for models and viewers but also revolutionize the adult entertainment industry.
Unlike many adult websites out their, Live Stars purposely made the move to the blockchain.

The developers made such a drastic move for the simple reason that it could give the security and anonymity that the industry has been in dire need of.

The Live Star platform’s major goals were:

  • To eliminate high commissions for users
  • Get rid of delayed payments, enhance security networks
  • Allow models to get their profit without middleman interference
  • Provides an easy-to-use network so that arrangements between models and partners can occur without issue
  • Provide the necessary secrecy for both models and partners alike

How Does Live Stars Work?

Live Star works by using blockchain arrangements to make all transactions through its LIVE tokens.  This keeps the various payments secure and fast between viewers and models. The platform itself operates like any other streaming platform only better. The platform uses an open ledger so that there is enough transparency to determine where the money is going but not enough to violate the anonymity of all who are involved in the transaction.

For models who are not interested in digital currency, the LIVE tokens can be easily exchanged for fiat currency just as quickly.

What are the Benefits of Using Live Stars?

    • The platform is fully automotized with instant payouts for models and instant purchases for users and no delays
    • No purchase limits for all customers and no minimal withdraw amounts for models and other affiliates
    • Secure and encrypted messaging between models and users
    • Complete user anonymity
    • No personal user data is required or stored on the platform in any way
  • There are plenty of bonuses such as moderating awards, advanced referral systems, affiliate programs and so on for users to consistently earn more LIVE tokens

Final Thoughts on Live Stars

Whether you are a person who is just looking for a good time or a rising “star” in the making looking to make ends meet, this is a platform to try for all who are interested. While cryptocurrency has proven itself to be the biggest universal solver of many problems, it is rather surprising to see it being used for even the webcam adult entertainment industry as well.

Although the website is secure and offers a promising platform there are still some questions left unanswered. How will this platform hope to prevent other exploitations and other illegal activities?


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