What is Lamden (TAU) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Lamden is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that provides and supports multiple tools for developers of blockchains and applications. The platform was developed by Ohad Asor, a programmer from Israel, with the goal of aiding human collaboration and organization within the crypto space. Lamden brings together cryptocurrency users and developers from all kinds of networks with a token that enables atomic swaps, and programs that make it easy to create unique and individualized blockchains.

Lamden employs its own crypto token, TAU, to connect new projects together and to produce a blockchain enterprise solution for the first time ever. The TAU is a universal swap token that has already been established between many existing cryptocurrencies, including popular ones such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This enables TAU to be exchanged between endless cryptocurrency pairs.

Ultimately, Lamden aims to make blockchain technology easier and more accessible for everyone. Its developers created it as the solution to many of the flaws that are associated with the groundbreaking technology today. These include slow block times, high transaction costs, and difficult development languages, which make blockchain commercialization more expensive and difficult. Lamden’s set of development tools changes this and provides blockchain technology to both experienced and amateur developers.

Unique Tools Offered by Lamden

The Lamden platform has a unique smart-contracting language called Seneca, which enables easy development by taking out unnecessary feature-bloat and reducing attack vectors. Seneca essentially holds what Lamden developers believe to be the core functionality of blockchain, which is decentralized database management; there is nothing else to Seneca but the simple, most basic blockchain code

Saffron is a blockchain generator that Lamden offers that makes launching a blockchain quick and easy. Lamden claims that this generator can bring a developer’s idea to a fully-fledged blockchain in under fifteen minutes. This allows business and developers to conceptualize and deploy their ideas quickly and efficiently using pre-built templates.

Clove is another program; it’s a decentralized application (or DApp) that makes atomic swaps between chains easy. All Bitcoin-based and Ethereum-based chains are compatible, and Clove enables decentralized payment swaps between compatible blockchains. This is another program that makes cryptocurrency participation easy and efficient.

The Lamden Token (TAU)

The TAU token is the cryptocurrency that lies at the heart of the Lamden blockchain and its programs. The token is what enables cross-chain communication between blockchain protocols, through atomic swaps. Atomic swaps allow assets of one blockchain to be transferred to another. This creates unparalleled convenience for the TAU token, as its holders can exchange it for many cryptocurrencies as they move between blockchains.

With a combination of DPoS and Masternodes, Lamden is able to achieve 10,000 transaction-per-second network speeds. In order to finance the platform, Lamden developers held a token sale at the beginning of 2018, and the TAU token has a hard cap on its supply at 10 million.

With its unique programs that make creating blockchains easier and the TAU token, Lamden is truly revolutionary for the crypto world. Rather than add to the competition, the unique platform brings developers and creators together and makes it simpler for the public to become involved. As it advances the way data is shared, Lamden is a platform that benefits the crypto industry.


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