What is KushCoin (KUSH) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

When the United States finally legalized medical cannabis across multiple states, it proved a few things about America that day. Legalizing the use of cannabis for various medical treatments now shows that the pharmaceutical industry’s iron grip on medicine and cures is waining.

It has also proved that individual states within the country still have the power to decide for themselves despite the federal government’s issues. But the best part of this is, the people are finally able to gain access to a plant that has done more good than harm.

The legalization of medical marijuana has led to many positives for the nation. Positives range from treatment for severe epilepsy, combating depression and anxiety, helping with pain relief to even the ample amounts of tax revenue received for each state that has allowed it to be bought and sold.

Even though some people may still scoff at the idea of using a simple herbal plant for health or ignorantly consider it a gateway drug, others will enjoy being able to use this simple plant. Before legalization, many people were thrown in jail on trumped-up drug charges.

Whether it be the man from the streets looking for a bit of stress relief, the basement stoner, or the parent looking for a simple cure for their child’s needs, everyone can benefit from this simple plant. Despite how widespread and legal it is, it is still hard to buy and sell it within the United States on both a state level and local level.

The medical cannabis industry faces its own shortcomings of disorganization and distribution between growers, sellers, and buyers. So how can this problem be alleviated? Is there a reliable way to simplify medical marijuana sales and distribution without infringing on any laws?

With cryptocurrency, it would seem imagination and drive are all one needs to make an altcoin these days. It is no surprise that the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency industry would also be used to fix the shortcomings in yet another industry.

KushCoin: Simplifying the System for Buying and Selling of Medical Cannabis

A type of altcoin that is used to help the distribution, buying, and selling of medical cannabis in local pharmacies. So far the developers have managed to get a market up and running all along the west coast of the United States and Canada. The developers established the altcoin so that users could bypass the need for using actual currency to purchase their medicine.

How Does KushCoin Work?

This altcoin runs on a blockchain that offers all stakeholders the necessary transparency of their cannabis production, distribution, and selling process. It is meant to help ease the burdens of cross-border payments, process land leases, ensure cannabis crop protections, provide pharmacies with adequate transport and storage, and develop a customer registration platform.

Producers can make their payments without having to worry about high transaction fees, while miners only have to worry about a small fee to use the altcoin. The only drawback is all sales of cannabis are final and transactions cannot be reversed or canceled.

The altcoin functions on eleven different cryptographic algorithms which provides the necessary security for all private data and transactions. The altcoin utilizes both proof of work and proof of stake methods. Anyone who wishes to become a stakeholder in the company must have some KushCoins in a wallet for at least 10 hours.

Final Thoughts on KushCoin (KUSH)

When it comes to this altcoin it is definitely driven to succeed in simplifying medical cannabis networks. The process is kept simple and all aspects of this legal cannabis trade are transparent to users, medical doctors, growers, and pharmacies to ensure everything is done quickly and safely.

Due to the structure of the blockchain networks, everyone can see all aspects of the cannabis processes in real time. Whether this project expands its horizons or not will be left up to the future.


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