What is Jiyo Coin – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

While cryptocurrency has flourished since its inception in a number of ways it has also seen a number of setbacks. As thousands of alternative currencies become available for trade and investment, the digital economy has also taken huge hits such as the banning of ICOs in China and being straight up outlawed as a legitimate means of payment in countries like Vietnam and Bolivia.

There have been many criticisms of cryptocurrency as well, from its innate privacy that provides a vehicle for malicious intent to its basic efficacy in day-to-day retail transactions. That said, cryptocurrency still continues to grow, and coins like JIYO make an effort to address these mounting concerns.

Mission of Jiyo

Knowing the faults and criticisms that are responsible for holding back cryptocurrency, Jiyo is entering the market with the intent to create solutions to the underlying problems that exist. Jiyo is aware that there are changes that need to be made in the market in order to assuage the concern brought forth by critics as well make cryptocurrency a usable alternative for those who are less familiar with the inner workings of technology.

Jiyo is using blockchain technology, Masternodes, and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to create a platform that will support the expansion and sustainability of cryptocurrency in a wider market.

The Jiyo team has been inspired by the original intent of cryptocurrency to bring the world into decentralization and global acceptance. Jiyo inspires to be the number one cryptocurrency that offers the fastest and most secure features on the market. Jiyo has a number of objectives it wishes to offer to the market including a large money exchanging medium that includes both peer-to-peer exchanges as well as B2B exchanges between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

They also intend on maintaining ethical standards within cryptocurrency that can often come under fire by critics. Jiyo intends to spread accurate information across the globe so that everyone can have a better grasp on the incredible opportunities offered by cryptocurrency and support an entire ecosystem that will encourage and enable investors.

JIYO the Cryptocurrency

By joining together advanced technologies such as DAO and Masternodes with their blockchain technology, Jiyo hopes that their cryptocurrency will become the driving force in the global acceptance of decentralized currency. The team has created an ecosystem around the currency in which merchants and customers can interact.

JIYO will offer more advanced security that will protect merchants and traders from fraud and malicious attacks, a huge market catering to businesses of all kinds, and flexibility that will allow JIYO to be used via credit card and other fiat conversions.

As popular as cryptocurrency has become in some realms, there is still a lot of trepidation associated with it by critics and those unfamiliar with the technology. Jiyo is taking the steps to not only solve many of the problems that cryptocurrency is criticized for, but to also find a way to make it more accessible so that it can more easily be adopted into a world-wide economy.


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