What is iTicoin (ITI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Although cryptocurrency use has accelerated in popularity online, it can still be confusing for people. Not everyone is financially-minded and trading and investing currencies can certainly get cumbersome for those who don’t have a lot of financial expertise and know-how. At this point, however, the evolution of crypto is inevitable and coins such as iTicoin are stepping in to help with the process of learning more about digital currencies.


iTicoin, which stands for Ideology Technology Individual, is a transactional system that was created to help in the education and development of cryptocurrencies. It’s based on a mathematical algorithm and utilizes Proof-of-Stake mining and intends to provide an energy efficient, long term currency to the crypto market.

Created for the SPPL community, iTicoin is an open-sourced currency based on Bitcoin. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to find information regarding it since it seems to be a Russian-oriented currency and most information pages and YouTube tutorials are in Russian. The official site also lacks a white paper, so there isn’t very much yet available.

Dating back to 2013, the team behind iTicoin purports to have implemented software products to help in the understanding and advancement of the cryptocurrency market and keeps them updated in order to stay current. It is a complete token that aids in the creation of communities based on educating and helping people to better understand how cryptocurrency works.

Community members can earn tokens by participating in the social network and sharing posts, images, and videos. An ICO was launched to help the establishment of ITI on the market.

iTicoin (ITI) Features 

ITI is a tested and proven coin that has had a large amount of work put into it over the last 5 years. It offers technological growth and support within its community, and encouragement as well as incentivization to participate in the evolution of cryptocurrency. First and foremost, iTicoin encourages community support and the communication of ideas and progress, including its own community project pool.

The team behind iTicoin had a clear financial plan behind the ICO that they feel will help to support the community. 10% of the proceeds went to development and software codes. The rest was divided to encourage miners, investors, and other crypto participants, and to technological support for the company such as the ability to purchase minicomputers, facilities, and equipment that will work solely for the advancement of cryptocurrency.

While iTicoin seems to be largely insulated at the moment, it also offers some promising contributions to the cryptocurrency community. Most of the information available is in Russian, however, and its lack of a white paper or more information regarding the support and education in English it encourages makes it difficult to see how it might perform outside of Russian crypto communities.

That said, the community support as well as incentives that it gives to participants may be worth looking into for true enthusiasts, especially ones who would like to be more involved with the innovations that continue in cryptocurrency.


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