What is IrishCoin (IRL) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The tourism industry for any country is a real cash cow in every way. It brings a nation together with a sense of national pride and shows the world a country’s history both good, bad, and green. In the case of Ireland, this has become very crucial with its tumultuous history, amicable people, and a long list of stereotypes that only have half-truths.

The emerald isles have always been a tourist destination on just about everyone’s bucket list. Whether you enjoy hearing about all the craic, sharing a pint in the local pub or simply want to explore the vast pastures that gave Ireland its wonderful nickname, you are bound to enjoy this lovely nation.

While the history of warriors, druids, and cows may amaze people, the depth of religion and the Irish history surrounding the common potato may also raise a few eyebrows. Each holds their own footholds in this nation’s many chapters.

To be able to explore a nation that has been rattled with battles over religious differences, suffered under the hands of despotic monarchs, experienced a worldwide diaspora, and still suffers from the few territorial disputes, definitely can leave one feeling a sense of understanding and sadness for the Irish people and the nation as a whole.

But what makes having a digital coin so special for a nation that already has a successful 3 billion dollar tourist industry? Is it another ploy to get people into the nation’s many tourist zones while reaping the benefits of having access to the vast cryptocurrency markets? Or is this Ireland’s way of transitioning into the future of using digital coins in place of fiat paper currency?

IrishCoin: Digitizing a Nation’s Tourist Industry for the Future of Ireland

Taking a nation’s entire tourism business and digitalizing it into a secure cryptocurrency would almost sound insane or at the very least risky. But the nation of Ireland has seemed to have pulled it off in ways no one could have imagined. While the country doesn’t have any goals for total world domination in the cryptocurrency market, it does have some long-term prospect for its altcoin.

So what is this lucky long-term plan of theirs? Ireland’s hopes for the altcoin is to spread Ireland’s tourism to other markets in the US, UK, and other places. In doing so it would open the country’s tourism market abroad thus expanding the possibilities for tourism within Ireland.

While the cryptocurrency seems to be experiencing slow growth in tourism it has exploded in value thanks to its reliability and genuine goals of earning for a nation rather than just a developer team. The altcoin’s main objective is to supply a digital brand for Ireland’s cultural tourism industry and to reach out to those whose history is tied to the Irish diaspora around the world.

How Does IrishCoin Work?

Basically, all businesses that take part in Ireland’s tourism industry use this altcoin as a payment option for peer to peer transactions. They hope to provide discounts and other incentives that will encourage the cryptocurrencies usage. You can download the wallet for this cryptocurrency from the altcoin’s site.

The Irishcoin’s wallet is compatible with Windows OS, Linux OS, and Mac OS/ iOS. It also offers mobile wallet options. Users can purchase the Irishcoins on the various cryptocurrency exchanges and use Ireland’s many services and applications on the altcoin’s platform. All Irishcoins can be bought, sold, and traded via Cryptopia, ReflexTrader, and NovaExchange.

Since the altcoin is tradeable with fiat currencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, it definitely opens up doors for all sorts of payment options for tourists who want to travel to Ireland.

Final Thoughts on IrishCoin (IRL)

The best part about this cryptocurrency is, you know altcoins are becoming a serious industry when an entire nation is willing to stake its entire tourism industry on it. With this major step into transitioning tourism with altcoins, it may open the rest of the world to tourism opportunities. To one day be able to travel anywhere without having to worry about ludicrous exchange rates and limitation is always a plus.

While it is interesting to see Ireland take a leap of faith into the digital currency world, it is no surprise that they would take a chance, must be all that luck lying around. This is a cryptocurrency that is definitely worth looking into if you intend to either travel to Ireland or want something that is great for secure investments.


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