What is Internxt (INXT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Developed to completely change the way the internet is experienced, Internxt is a peer-to-peer decentralized cloud network that will offer privacy and security to all its users. Internxt will support a cooperative of users across the world to host and resource the network through data and computational power. All revenue that is created will be converted Internxt’s currency, INXT.

Internxt – X Cloud

The goal of X Cloud is to create a cloud platform that is easy to use while also offering security. Decentralized technology is becoming one of the most secure options, and the distribution model allows for increased privacy and protection of data and assets. By decentralizing the cloud, X Cloud will be able to offer features that centralized cloud services cannot.

X Cloud is taking the steps to solve many of the problems that come with current cloud services. Because users are given complete control of their data, they no longer have to be concerned about data breeches, censorship, or having their data sold to government agencies.

Smart contracts ensure that files are encrypted end-to-end before being split up and distributed to computers across the world. This means that rather than data sitting in one location it has become decentralized and thus, completely protected from being accessed by any kind of third party.

Like centralized cloud storages, X Cloud will offer different levels of storage from 10GB to 1TB for a monthly fee, along with a 7-day free trial.

Internxt – X Core

The peer-to-peer network application that allows for the exchange of information is X Core. It is made up of various hosts which negates the need for a centralized controller. Hosts donate to the network by allowing it to utilize the unused resources on their computer, which helps to support the storage servers.

A host driven network helps to protect the integrity and security of the files hosted upon it. If one node goes down, the network will intelligently readjust and correct the affected blocks. Unlike a centralized network, which collapses if a server goes down, X Core ensures that one server collapse will not affect the entire network. X Core also regulates the information on its own, ensuring that all hosts remain balanced and the network is efficient.

Internxt – INXT

The token, INXT, is an ERC20 token designed to support the Internxt ecosystem. It is reliable and will encourage demand. All revenue resourced from the Internxt platform will be converted into INXT automatically.

Internxt sold all of its tokens in a crowd sale, and no more beyond what was sold will be generated. INXT will be used as payment within the X Core system and can be purchased through Internxt.

Many believe that decentralization is the future, especially due to how secure and reliable a decentralized environment can prove to be. By choosing to create a cooperative of hosts to support the X Cloud and offering competitive security and support through decentralization, Internxt may be one of the leaders moving cloud storage towards the future.


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