What is IntenseCoin (ITNS) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Security and safety on the internet is a huge concern for the average user; years ago, threats from hacking and malware were things that individuals didn’t have to worry about as much, but the landscape of the internet has shifted so that users from individuals to large scale enterprises must be concerned about the same problems. A basic anti-virus is no longer simply enough to protect end-users from threats posed online. IntenseCoin (INTS) is a cryptocurrency that will address the growing need for security in the digital world.

IntenseCoin Virtual Private Network

IntenseCoin intends on addressing the need for advanced online security using a virtual private network (VPN). By establishing a VPN on a peer-to-peer, decentralized, blockchain driven network, Intense Coin will be able to provide a service that offers advanced freedom and equality in its use. The purpose of a VPN is to obscure and secure the exchange of information between various points. The encryption of data protects a user’s connection from threats such network monitoring or attacks from malicious persons, observation from outside agencies, and geographic restrictions.   

Since it is based on a cryptocurrency, the Intense Network will be able to offer two mechanisms to employ the use of VPNs for users. The first option will be a peer-to-peer network that will create a trustless VPN system through the employment of various nodes. The second option will be a centralized marketplace that will accommodate the sale and distribution of commercial VPNs.

Real Anonymity

While VPNs offer complete anonymity to users, this can also foster a false sense of security. Centralized VPNs employ normal payment methods through credit cards and PayPal, meaning that accounts and usage can be linked to a user. Some VPNs are trying to circumvent this problem by allowing payment through Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is known to be intensely monitored and does not offer the anonymity to users that it claims to. Intense Coin is going to address these problems head on and solve them by using a decentralized network, untraceable payments, and not logging any user data.

The Intense Coin Marketplace will offer the ability for users to compare the costs and features of centralized VPNs, allowing them the opportunity to intelligently choose what VPN is the best fit through price and offerings.


Intense Coin is a Proof-of-Work currency based on CryptoNote and Bytecoin. There is a limitation to analysis of the blockchain which employs ring signatures in transactions, proving the transaction occurred while providing complete anonymity to both the sender and receiver. ITNS uses CryptoNight as the PoW algorithm; however, unlike many cryptos such as Bitcoin, ITNS can be mined via the use of CPU.

While Intense Coin is first and foremost a cryptocurrency, it supports a unique and much-needed ecosystem for VPNs. Many people are turning to VPNs in order to protect their data and activity, and Intense Coin’s decentralized network may be the next step into legitimate security and anonymity on the web.


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