What is InPay (INPAY) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

InPay is a decentralized platform that provides users with a dual blockchain payment system. The platform uses Ethereum Classic and Waves to provide its users with an easy to use platform. InPay was funded with its own money and did not rely on an ICO to fund its platform.

How InPay Works

InPay helps new cryptocurrency users easily exchange cryptocurrency, tokens, and digital currency for fiat currency. The Ethereum side of the blockchain allows all platform users to implement and regularly use smart contracts. The Waves portion of the blockchain supports the creation of custom tokens by its users. Waves can be used by platform users to create, exchange, and distribute their own customized tokens and digital currency.

InPay provides a cheaper and more efficient way for merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments. Third party providers and exchanges charge high fees to convert fiat currency in to digital currency. Cryptocurrency novices likewise face barriers to utilize and invest in cryptocurrency coins and tokens because it is difficult to transfer fiat currency to digital currency. Many times, people have to use multiple exchanges to transfer fiat currency in to their digital currency of choice. This leads to multiple fees and a loss of assets.

Merchants also face barriers for accepting digital currency. Many times, merchants have to transfer specific platforms token to Bitcoin to Ethereum on an exchange, pay a transaction fee, and then go to a different exchange and pay more fees to transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum in to fiat currency. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, merchants not only lose money with transaction fees, but the exchange rate may cause them to lose money when they exchange their digital assets for fiat currency.

InPay provides a seamless blockchain powered platform that allows users and merchants to exchange digital assets for fiat currency quickly.

Users don’t need to download InPay’s blockchain in order to complete transactions. Users can download a free InPay digital wallet and use the wallet to complete all of their platform transactions. Users can also link their traditional bank accounts with their InPay digital wallet, eliminating the need to use other platforms and exchanges to convert their digital assets.

InPay offers mobile and desktop apps and provides 24/7 bot enabled web support for users. They also provide light desktop wallets.

Their goal is to become the most popular online payment platform and to allow merchants greater flexibility to accept multiple forms of payment. Since merchants will be charged lower fees, InPay hopes that merchants will be able to offer their products at a lower cost to consumers.

InPay Token

InPay has its own token, InPay Token (INPAY). INPAY is available on several different exchanges, including YoBit, Cryptopia, and Binance. You can only buy INPAY with BTC or ETH.

There are currently 10,000,000 INPAY tokens circulating. One INPAY is worth roughly $0.0404, 0.00000573 BTC, and 0.00241 ETH. INPAY’s market cap is $404,016.00.

InPay has launched updated wallets and is working on completing its mobile app.


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