What is iEthereum (IETH)? Crypto Beginner’s Guide

iEthereum is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that supports a smart contract token, IETH, that has been created on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency, and its blockchain technology is widely used throughout the crypto world. By creating iEthereum, its developers hope to bring that blockchain technology to the public in an easy and simple way.

Instead of having complicated hashing algorithms and complicated functions that only those with experience or knowledge of IT can understand, iEthereum was created so that it can be used and implemented by anyone and everyone around the world. iEthereum aims to be used by shop owners, whether their stores are online or offline, online shopping websites, and vendors in platforms such as EBay or Amazon.

Although cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and are being more adopted into the mainstream as they are accepted by more business owners and vendors, iEthereum believes that not enough is being done yet. In most cases, digital tokens are only used for trading and require mining. Mining takes a lot of electricity and computing power, and requires knowledge and time that not many people have.

iEthereum aims to address and solve these issues by leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. Every transaction made using iEthereum will be visible on Ethereum’s block explorer. Transactions can and will be approved and confirmed at very fast speeds and will be secure, as verified by Ethereum nodes all around the world. Through this, iEthereum aims to bring cryptocurrency to millions of people.

Features of iEthereum

iEthereum boasts features that ensures all transactions are secure, reliable, and fast; users can send iEthereum anywhere on the planet and have it confirmed within thirty seconds. iEthereum’s platform is built on open blockchain technologies and utilizes the security and transparency that those technologies provide. The iEthereum smart contract is developed as an online, peer-to-peer transfer technology, and it was built to support global private and secure exchange.

The iEthereum Token – IETH

The iEthereum platform contains its own unique form of cryptocurrency, the iEthereum token (IETH). Although it is based on ERC20 Ethereum Token technology, IETH is its own, unique coin that is not the same as Ethereum’s token. IETH is available for mainstream wallets and is what is used for payment services across the iEthereum platform.

The iEthereum Token was launched 100% fairly, without an ICO or investment rounds, which typically occur with cryptocurrencies. As a result, the token has a healthy distribution. IETH also has features that make it as anonymous as Bitcoin; accounts and balances are publicly visible, yet control of accounts rests with individual users. IETH is available on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as YoBit.net, ForkDelta, and EtherDelta.

Powered by the Ethereum Network, which is the future of the network, iEthereum has what it takes to revolutionize the future of payment. The possibilities with iEthereum are endless, and it was built for everyone to use, not just those who are into coding; its simplicity encourages even more adoption into everyday life. With iEthereum, anyone anywhere in the world can become involved in the world of cryptocurrency as it takes over systems of payment.


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