What is ICO OpenLedger (ICOO) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The use of crowdfunding has become a lot easier with the development of digital currencies. The blockchain technology, along with excellent developers and goodwill of individuals, has promoted the creation of ICOs based on crowdfunding. The Crowdfunding 3.0 is a recently developed Economic Enterprise Engine which OpenLedger is making available to the public.

Providing a means through which it can get excellent ICOs to use its platform and also grant access to anyone with interest is the vision of the Open Ledger platform. It is developing its projects with the belief that in the near future, the number of organizations and marketplaces will have reduced considerably. The available organizations and marketplaces will be reliable, trusted, and offer free exchange for tokens as well as capital investments for developers. Asset trading, tokenization, and capital formation will also be a lot easier with services from professionals in the field.

Organizations in their early stages and startups are the main focus of the ICOO services. The organization will help get the crowdfunding campaign of these clients running with services which include the following:

  • New tokens or coin creation
  • Secondary trading of tokens support and advice
  • Development and review of a business model
  • Team advisors selection and coordination
  • New projects marketing

Supply and Market Cap.

The initial total supply of the ICOO was 490,748 and 24,796 ICOO of this total was burned. The current total supply now sits at 465,952 ICOO.  The market cap of the coin is 208,191 USD or 33 BTC.

Service Offerings to Issuers

Depending on the requirements of an issuer, there are startup packages of services which are available from ICOO. Here are some of the services which are available from the organization:

Integration and representation

This involves the initiation of an issuer into the Open Ledger platform.


The platform provides analysts and commentators from Bloggersclub 500 for coverage of the issuers services

Content writing

Using a source material which the issuer will provide, a professional content writer will create an article, a mail-out text, and a press release.


Using multiple channels of digital marketing which include maxkeiser, bitcoinist, Twitter, news.bitcoin, Bezinga, cryptocoinsnews, Yahoo! Finance, and more, the platform can provide a press release coverage which can reach up to 80 million viewers. Materials will be sent to forums which work with ICOO while issuers also get one-month services which include five tweets daily, pre-approved messages up to 100, and video showcasing on ihb.io as well as other forums.


To secure both the investors and the invested proceeds, the platform uses a third party escrow service to check that the issuer has met all milestones set.

Video use case presentation

Using content supplied by the issuer, the project will be introduced through a use case video created by the platform with a review from the professional advisors of ICOO.


The ICOO tokens are used in the purchase of the ServicesICO packages while prices will differ depending on the base currency in use. Professionals offering their services on the platform also receive payment in the form of ICOO tokens.


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