What is Hush Privacy Coin? – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Hush is a token system created in November of 2016. It is used as a secure messaging stage using the Zcash codebase system. Since it is its own exclusive blockchain system, Hush is not only a storage of value, but also a medium to exchange via a secure messaging system. The messaging feature is also the primary mechanism for receiving and sending transactions between users.

Hush Features

Built within the Hush system is a feature called HushList, which is a customized security protocol and private messaging platform. This list will allow users to send messages to anyone in their contact list an unlimited number of times. HushList receivers must always stay anonymous to other users. The sender can choose to direct the message to a pseudonymous address. The Hush contacts are stored directly on the user’s computer using a messaging system called HushList memos. These contacts are stored on the blockchain, so they can be encrypted to only be read by the receiver who holds the private key to open it.

Using HushList will enable financial transactions to be received in messages that are located under an anonymous username. Binary and text documents can be affixed to these letters which will simplify the use of a censorship resilient storage unit of data. By using the ZCash protocol, all transactions are shielded or made transparent to any other users or individuals. The most important differentiators are how the Hush system interoperates with divides and hides all the data.

Hush System Background

Hush is compatible with all Zcash fork system, including the ZenCoin, Zclassic, Zerocoin, and Komodo forks. The user may have to perform minor alterations to allow the fork to work at optimal ability, but Hush is working on making the process much smoother going forward.

Hush uses a port which will allow public and private assets issuance. This includes support for the developers, who can simply author smart contracts on the system.

This platform is considered a fair launch due to the openness of the community as opposed to other systems more closed funding approach. The developers of Hush did a very low pre-mining process before launching the system. In addition, the company maintains a position as the top Equihash coin available for miners. This project started out as a bit of an underdog but has made impressive process and has really made a name in the cryptocurrency arena.

Hush Future Developments

At the moment, Hush is developing a system where you can access your Hush account via the cloud. The system has also merged with the latest transport layer security, which is used to shield transactions in the wallet. Hush has also been working on incorporating its tokens with Komodo, which is a fork of the Zcash system. This will allow for new tokens to be created and issued.

This is one of the most beneficial things about the Hush system since it will allow a fair launch and a leveled opportunity for all miners. The team is also working on starting a forum to speak with other users in the Hush community.


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