What is HunterCoin (HUC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Huntercoin is a relatively new altcoin based on Namecoin. It uses a dual Proof-of-Work algorithm to process transactions and is intended to be merge mined with other altcoins. It is designed to avoid fluctuations that may be encountered in hardware efficiency. However, the interest in Huntercoin lies in how it is mined – via a massive multiplayer online game.


While Huntercoin shares some similarities with other cryptocurrencies, the large difference is in the way coins are mined via a game. 80% of minable coins will be obtained through the collection of coins in the digital game space. While players collect coins, they will also participate in combat scenarios with other players to obtain resources.

Players will be required to use the Huntercoin currency (HUC) to purchase game play. Each player will create a team of 3 units, and according to what color they choose, will spawn at different points on the game map.

Commands within the game are the equivalent to transactions, and complete movements create one block on the chain. Players are given options to move units across the map or self-destruct them to take out other players’ units.

HUC will randomly appear on the map throughout the game which units can gather via movements. Although a unit might be in possession of HUC, it is not deposited into a player’s wallet until the unit has returned to the spawn area. Otherwise, HUC can be taken from units through P2P combat.

Combining cryptocurrency with a game is an incredibly innovative technique that could create popularity, competition, and large-scale distribution if Huntercoin can catch on in the crypto community.

Huntercoin Problems and Solutions

As Huntercoin is still new, there are some problems that are arising that make its wide spread implementation a little difficult. For example, the Huntercoin blockchain is massive as it stores movements from users and is far too big for many users to download. Syncing the Huntercoin game client demands too much time and resources for most crypto enthusiasts to be able to accommodate, making it inconvenient to use in some cases. Part of the attractiveness of Huntercoin is that it will be accessible to people without high-end video cards, and the Huntercoin team is dedicated to solving many of the problems associated with the game to make sure it can be used on a more widespread basis.

In the future, the Huntercoin team intends on fixing these problems in a variety of ways. First and foremost, players will not be required to download the entire blockchain to play the game. Graphics will be improved, and players will also be able to access the game via browser and mobile.

Huntercoin is a potential dark horse in the cryptocurrency market. Since the team made it in their spare time for fun, it has not been largely marketed or advertised. However, by fixing many of its current problems and pushing for wide scale adoption, Huntercoin could prove itself as a competitive cryptocurrency on the market in the future.


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