What is HomeBlockCoin (HBC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Centralized, peer-to-peer currencies are, first and foremost, determined to keep the government and large banks out of transactions, thus allowing for more freedom between merchants and customers as well as offering financial independence. Led by Bitcoin, cryptocurrency is the future of finance. HomeBlockCoin is another altcoin that intends to follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin to create a valuable decentralized currency.

Features of HomeBlockCoin (HBC)

HomeBlockCoin is a blockchain based cryptocurrency. It offers transparent transactions that will assure users that no exchange of currency has been forged or tampered with. The transactions remain safe and secure by being recorded and placed safely across multiple servers.

Thanks to the method of decentralization, HomeBlockCoin cannot be hacked or falsified. The multiple locations and nodes that host HomeBlockCoin cannot be threatened simultaneously and, thus, HomeBlockCoin will remain a secure and safe currency for all traders and investors.

The name HomeBlockCoin was inspired by the ability for the currency to be mined by everyone from their own homes.

Lending and Affiliates of HomeBlockCoin

Aside from the usual types of investment opportunities such as trading or staking, HomeBlockCoin also offers two more unique methods for profit: lending and affiliates.

Lending allows users to invest their coins into HomeBlockCoin management to receive a daily return. It is a form of passive investment that will also allow for a daily income stream. The amount received daily will be based on the amount of investment put towards the management, and there is no fixed amount of daily interest rate rewards. The investment will be returned at the end of the contract.

HomeBlockCoin also offers an affiliate program. Participants can earn additional coins by telling others about HomeBlockCoin and referring them to become involved in the HomeBlockCoin community. Holders are given an affiliate link which they can pass onto others who can sign up for HomeBlockCoin through that link, and participants can earn more with multiple referrals. Not only can users earn a referral bonus, but they are also eligible to earn a residual bonus based on the investment profits that their referrals make with HomeBlockCoin.

HBC Currency

HomeBlockCoin (HBC) is a limited currency. It will only offer 28 million coins globally, 5 million of which were made available during the ICO. Limited and rare currencies tend to hold their value better, as the supply never meets the demand and allows for raising the value of the coin desired.

There are multiple ways to draw investments from this coin. Since it is a Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake coin, it can be both mined and staked as well as offering the other options of trading, lending, and using the affiliate program.

Sometimes the cryptocurrency world can seem oversaturated with different coin options and opportunities. While HomeBlockCoin is, for the most part, a standard coin, it does offer some unique investment opportunities that may prove to make it far more lucrative for investors. These opportunities might be enough to encourage more investors for this coin and help it maintain popularity and value on the market.


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