What is Harvest Masternode Coin (HC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

There are numerous decentralized networks on the market currently since the creation of digital currency; there are NOT many, however, that stick around for the long haul. One network that has continued to show its strength is Harvest Coin- a network that is 100% decentralized and prides themselves on having a block reward phase that is more than 80 percent pure, in addition to an APR rate that guarantees speedy transactions with the ability to exchange currency within multiple wallets, in addition to messaging that is fully encrypted for the purpose of creating a level of absolute anonymity.

In addition to this anonymity, there are low fees that are associated with Harvest Coin, as well as a coin supply that increases the value of the coins at a faster rate.

Characteristics of Harvest Coin

Several primary components of the Harvest Coin platform are as follows:

  • Value: when users take advantage of the Harvest Coin platform they will undoubtedly see a system that bears high amount of interest on a yearly basis
  • Security: all transactions and exchanges that take place on the Harvest Chain platform are completely secure and anonymous as was mentioned previously; because of this level of encryption users can access all of their information in a way that is efficient yet incomprehensible
  • Scarce: there will only be a “handful” of Harvest Coins made over the course of several years(with handful meaning approximately 10 million) which will make it one of the most uncommon digital currencies on the market

Harvest Coin Tutorials and Whitepaper

For those who are new to the world of Harvest Coin there is a convenient option that allows beginners to educate themselves on the ins and outs of Harvest Code by providing the ability to create your own Master Nodes in with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. There is also, what is referred to as “whitepaper” that beginners can also read in order to gain more knowledge of the entire Harvest Coin platform, the developers, and how the whole system of the coin sales works and in what capacity.

Additional Features of Harvest Coin

Various other features of Harvest Coin include:

  • Payments that are direct: transactions can be handled directly between two parties, with no middlemen
  • Low Transactions Fees
  • Multiple Wallet Options
  • Darksend: this is what keeps the transactions between users anonymous and secure
  • Infinity: the ability to both receive and send payments can be achieved anywhere in the world

Future of Harvest Coin

With the development of Harvest Coin being developed at a relatively low level compared to other digital currencies, it is incredibly promising looking to potential investors. This particular platform also offers features and a level of security that cannot always be found in other cryptocurrencies, which is another major benefit. If Harvest Coin continues on its current trend this platform will undoubtedly make a mark in the world of cryptocurrency even though it is not as common as some other digital coins.  


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