What is HappyCoin (HPC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

HappyCoin is an exchange for cryptocurrency based in the Netherlands. It provides users the capacity to trade in Euro for bitcoins and vice-versa. Payments can also be carried out in CAD and CHF. The exchange supports US-based clients.

The Netherlands is a country which is quite bitcoin-friendly and is home to some exchanges ranging from Anycoin, Bitrush and a host of others. The nation also possesses its own crypto. The city of Arnhem and the Golden coin has been called a bitcoin city. There, all kinds of businesses ranging from gas stations to hairdressers and restaurants support payment in bitcoin.

Benefits of HappyCoin


HappyCoin is situated in the Netherlands and supports customers from anywhere in the globe as well as the United States.

Supports Fiat

HappyCoin allows for trading in Euros for Bitcoins and vice versa and this is precisely what the individuals are searching for to make fast cash.

Comfortable Payments

HappyCoin has numerous convenient methods of payments. It supports fiat payment via bank transfers, MyBank, Interac, GiroPay and a host of others.

Happy Hour

HappyCoin provides something known as Happy Hour. This is a period where users can engage in trading without service charges. HappyCoin tells its social media followers when the next HappyCoin Hour is slated for in advance.


In reality, this is an easy buy and sell interface which novice traders can find easy to use. Price charts are also available and they can aid new traders in getting a better understanding of the movement of prices.

Numerous Order Kinds

HappyCoin prices get updated frequently based on the bitcoin’s real-time price. Nonetheless, there is the choice for Review order which locks the price of bitcoin for a specific time frame and the client is able to checkout with that price.

Great Speed

HappyCoin has made claims that it services are very quick. This is the case especially if the trader utilizes instant options for fiat payment. Based on the reviews of clients, the platform actually offers fast transactions.

HappyCoins Drawbacks

Absence of Credit Cards

HappyCoin does not allow for payment using a credit card. This is not a new thing in crypto exchanges because of the possibility of a chargeback. Nonetheless, there are a few that support it.

Enhanced fees

HappyCoin charges service fees as well as network fees for trading but these are not displayed clearly. They also have bank transfer fees which may be a bit high sometimes.


Trading is only carried out against the Euro, but according to HappyCoin payment in CAD and CHF is also accepted. This is great but it can be a bit pricey as a result of the exchange rates.

Lack of Anonymity

With HappyCoin, There is no anonymity at all. From the beginning when you register, you are required to put in your IBAN number and names.


There are a few limits on the unverified and new accounts as regards the size of transactions. There are also limits linked to the methods of payment.


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