What is Goodomy (GOOD) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The use of blockchain technology keeps spreading and the new difficulty is how to make it appeal to the target audience. One excellent approach we have come across is that of the Goodomy platform. The platform is aiming to create a retail mining app which will be available to consumers while the transactions will not require any fee. The outcome of the project remains to be seen but there are lots of other excellent features which are important to look at.

Goodomy in a Nutshell

The Goodomy project has certain features which are quite unique to the platform. The design of the platform hopes to increase the daily productivity of a consumer. It hopes to get them to sell more and also do more. To make the use of the platform much simpler, it offers a mobile application which allows users to gain access while on the go.

Some great features of the platform

Online and offline

The platform contains products from both local stores as well as e-commerce websites available.

Money savings

With the least discount of 20%, it is easy to calculate the amount you save when you purchase electronics or clothes on the platform.

Free transactions

Both buyers and sellers on the platform enjoy transactions which are 100% free


You can receive money from your friends or tip anytime you make a 1-minute video and post it on the platform.

Easy to post

Creating a new listing on the platform usually takes less than a minute and is a very simple process.

How Does Goodomy all Work?

The Shopomy application is one of the many features on Goodomy but is also the most attractive. It serves as a retail mining app for the customers and eliminates the payment of fees while allowing a buyer to interact with a seller and also carry out transactions.

Another feature of the application is the opportunity for customers to enjoy savings when they make any purchase through the application. A value of 20% is set as the minimum discount which will be available on all products which will be sold on the Shopomy platform. There may be difficulties in getting retailers to agree to these terms but there are lots of others that may find lots of advantages to this development.  

As a user on the platform, you can come across ‘hot finds’ and deals which you can share with other users on the platform. Goodomy will also tip consumers once a video of a particular service or product is posted or a picture is uploaded. The Goodomy currency is also simple to accept for business which is an essential aspect in improving the liquidity of the currency on the platform.

What Comes Next for Goodomy?

Before its mainstream launch, Shopomy and Goodomy need to make lots of improvements in multiple areas to ensure they have a solid footing after release. The platform hopes to airdrop LOT tokens to its various GOOD investors while it will also continue with the improvements in its infrastructure all through 2018. A beta test of Shopomy will also be carried out during this period. This project looks like one that will take the market by surprise so everyone needs to keep watch.


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