What is Golfcoin (GOLF) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Another one of the many cryptocurrencies available, Golfcoin stands out for its creation as a digital currency designed with the aim of serving the golf community. The currency is excellent for use by golf clubs, golf courses, and golfers.

The coin trades under the symbol GOLF and is a hybrid Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake currency with a 10% annual percentage rate. The currency uses the SHA256D algorithm which is a successor of the SHA-1. This algorithm is quite secure considering it is not possible to compromise it.  

The currency was first announced on the 5th September 2016 by a group of developers based in the United Kingdom.

Golfcoin has a daily trade volume of $138 with a $421,939 market capitalization. The total supply of the Golfcoin is 1,727,126,405 GOLF while it has a circulating supply of 1,687,127,223 GOLF.

The Golfcoin website, www.golfcoin.biz, offers users with regular updates on the coin.

Buying Golfcoin (GOLF)

The first step is to download a wallet to receive your cryptocurrency. Once you have a wallet installed, you need to purchase BTC or ETH form any trusted exchange. This includes Coinbase, Coinmama, and more. You need to look for an exchange which is trusted within the location where you reside.

It is then possible to make use of the cryptocurrencies you have purchased on an exchange that supports GOLF trading. GOLF is available in exchange for ETH or BTC.

Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Changelly and Binance allows users to exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum for other cryptocurrencies which include the Golfcoin you need.

How do you mine Golfcoin?

The most common mining software for Golfcoin mining is XMR Stak. This is mining tool which is specialized for use in GPU mining as well as in CPU mining on systems running AMD and Nvidia graphics card. Users running computers with a Nvidia graphics card can also make use of CCMiner which is also quite popular among miners. Other requirements for mining include a wallet to store the coins after mining and a mining pool which you can join for more efficient mining.

Where can you get Golfcoin wallet?

The Golfcoin website provides access to a Golfcoin wallet which users can download depending on the operating system which they are running. This wallet allows the storage of Golfcoin directly on your computer. There are other hardware wallets which offer a more secure storage feature for users. Ledger Nano S and TREZOR wallet are two very popular dedicated hardware wallets. For users who are not willing to spend on a wallet can go for mobile wallets like Coinomi or Jaxx which also provides security and a feature which lets users store multiple cryptocurrencies on the wallet.

Some coins similar to the Golfcoin

Considering it uses a SHA256D hashing algorithm, there are lots of other coins which are quite similar to the Golfcoin. These include:

  • Pulse
  • BioBar
  • LanaCoin
  • Psilocybin
  • PosEx

What is the value of Golfcoin?

On most major exchanges, a Golfcoin (GOLF) has a current value of $0.00025 which is equivalent to 0.00000004 Bitcoins.  


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