What is Global Cryptocurrency (GCC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Global Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Its ticker symbol is GCC. It is a decentralized currency that is designed for micropayments. It can be used everyday. It is generated through a Proof-of-Stake mechanism.

There’s a community behind GCC. A referral program is available – it is called GCC Shop Club. The GCC wallet is available on several platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web.

The web wallet lets you access your GCC funds on any computer or mobile device. Some of the advantages include:

  • Private account balance
  • Password recovery option
  • 2FA security
  • URL address link for transaction request
  • Pairing with iOS or Android wallet app available in Q2 2018
  • Multicurrency version of web wallet available in Q3 2018

Transaction Fees and Distribution

GCC uses a combination PoW/PoS block generation mechanism. The transaction fee is 0.088% + .000001 GCC. The transaction fee is redistributed to environment causes such as planting trees. This fund is stored in the Green Wallet. About 1% of PoW coins are diverted to the Green Wallet. This effort is designed to offset CO2 emissions resulting from energy consumption.

0.024% of the transaction fee goes to thousands of people that supported Global Cryptocurrency. 0.024% of the transaction fee is reserved for R&D and marketing. One of the biggest projects receiving funding is Ecosystem24 portals.

GCC is a Trusted Transactional System

GCC code is audited, and the lead developer has been verified by several third parties including CryptoCertify and CryptoAsian.

2.4 billion tokens were distributed. 18% of the tokens were distributed to the company. There wasn’t an ICO. Instead, the founder of Global Cryptocurrency traveled around the country meeting people that had a similar vision. He built a following around the globe. There are supporters in 98 countries.

The first GCC payment gateway was available in 2017. Users could purchase 3D printing technology easily. This product is offered alongside the blockchain payment system. GCC tokens were accepted. Each transaction generates a transaction fee, which is shared. PayPal is accepted.  

Projects In Development

One of the projects in development is the Ecosystem Internet portal. 24 Internet portals are in development. Users can access them with GCC tokens. Other cryptocurrencies are accepted as well. Discounts are given to those that use GCC tokens.

There is a merchant platform. It utilizes PrestaShop and WordPress.  

More Details about Global Cryptocurrencies

Global Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, smart payment method that is 100% eco-friendly and connected to an innovative 3D printing sector. It is based on blockchain technology. It utilizes the x13 fast algorithm. The block generation time for Global Cryptocurrency is 60 seconds. The transaction fee is small compared to other blockchain platforms. It utilizes the Tor network to protect users’ privacy.

The 3D printing connection is stable. There are three websites: 3DPrintPoints.com, 3DBay24.com, GCC3DCafe.com. By creating real businesses behind GCC, a transactional demand develops. A second wave of vendors will accept GCC in the future. GCC becomes sustainable since businesses will continue to use it.

Support Community

There is a support community that is based in social media websites including Facebook and Twitter. Other websites host supports as well including Medium, BitcoinTalk, Telegram Chat, and Telegram Announcement. GCC uses several incentives to motivate the community including GCC airdrops for online stores, GCC airdrops for 3D Cafes, contests, a referral program, and an ambassador program.


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