What is Gladius Token (GLA) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Gladius platform offers an easy way for users to enter an automated digital marketplace and rent out their extra bandwidth and storage for money. The platform also allows users to buy content delivery services and DDoS protection services. Users can obtain services far cheaper on the platform, and many businesses will be able to afford security services they previously couldn’t afford.

How Gladius Token (GLA) Works

The platform uses blockchain technology to offer affordable access to security services that protect users from DDoS attackers and offers and provides a high-quality CDN. The platform offers a way for everyone to access greater website speeds and faster response times, which in turn lets users reach more people around the globe.

The platform uses distributed mining pools and smart contracts. It is a completely decentralized, peer to peer platform. All transaction are done directly between users with no other oversite. Users enter into smart contract backed agreements. The platform is run by a network of nodes and has no central server.

Anyone can download the Gladius platform. Users can run the Gladius peer client in the background and rent their unused storage space and bandwidth to other users. They receive compensation in the form of Gladius Token (GLA).

A series and a network of nodes validates website connections and provides network security, preventing malicious attacks and hacking activity.

Nodes can be run on Linux, Windows, and MacOS computers and laptops. The Gladius program runs in the background, and the node is part of a verification pool. Nodes are awarded with GLA when they validate a request, and they can sell their GLA back to the Gladius platform.

Users wishing to obtain services from Gladius have to create an account, buy GLA tokens, and then request services. Live graphs are available to track connection speeds, protection, and website speed once they connect their website.

Gladius provides cheaper website services than traditional providers, which is a massive benefit to users because DDoS attacks have increased significantly in the last ten years.

Likewise, CDNs are becoming necessary for websites hosts. With so many devices now capable of connecting to the internet, users need higher quality connections and increased speed. CDN allows websites to maintain high speeds, and ecommerce sites especially need heightened speed to ensure consumers are able to complete transactions. Consumers worry about website security and long loading times, and the implementation of CDN negates these concerns.

Gladius Token (GLA)

There was one Token Creation for GLA tokens, and no more coins can, or will, be created. There will be a fixed supply of GLA. The Gladius platform launched before the ICO, and users are able to buy GLA through the platform before the ICO.

All network fees are assessed in GLA. Users can earn GLA through renting bandwidth and storage, as opposed to earning rewards through a Proof of Work concept. Users are also rewarded with GLA if they stake and hold GLA tokens in their digital wallet. Most of the Gladius fees will be redistributed to nodes, and a small portion will be maintained by the platform.


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