What is Garlicoin (GRLC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Everyone laughed when the Doge meme became an actual cryptocurrency. Well, they laughed until the DogeCoin got so many supporters that the cryptocurrency soared in value. Now the coin is on par with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

But what does this mean for the cryptocurrency world? Can someone really create a successful cryptocurrency out of nothing more than a running gag on the internet? With DogeCoin it became possible. Add in the fact that anyone with the know-how can make a cryptocurrency out of literally nothing.

Thanks to platforms like Litecoin, Statis, and Ethereum it is possible to make a new altcoin. Or if you have the right idea or project you can always bring a dead altcoin back to life. For anyone interested, the cryptocurrency world offers endless opportunities for creation, investment, and innovation.

Some users may have concerns about how all these odd altcoins may affect the image of cryptocurrency as a believable payment alternative. But they don’t need to fear these odd altcoins since each often offers a serious goal intertwined with their outward sense of humor.

After all, Dogecoin and many others like it definitely prove the point that cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way in which we view currency. It has also proven the flexibility and potential to solve just about any problem the world has with a simple digital coin.

Dogecoin has made one other key component to any successful cryptocurrency clear, have a dedicated and loyal community to back either your idea or your altcoin.

Garlicoin: From A Humorous Reddit Meme to Your Digital Wallet

Garlicoin was conceived from a Reddit joke. As the story goes, one Redditor made a joke about having 30,000 upvotes for a new cryptocurrency featuring garlic bread. There you have it a cryptocurrency was born thanks to a driven online forum community with a sense of humor.

While to anyone not used to the inner working of online forums or crypto, this would seem very off-putting as far as investments go. Which is why Garlicoin made it a goal to not just offer a couple laughs but also a solution.

The team who created Garlicoin wanted to make something that was resistant to ASIC mining. Which makes it one of the few altcoins to maintain its decentralized status. This was to bypass the mining cheaters out there who use specialized hardware for mass mining operations.

While proof of work is a great way to earn altcoins, people who cheat with these systems often take the fun out of it. Worst of all, is these same cryptocurrency cheaters end up flooding crypto exchange markets with their mined coins. This massive flooding causes the various mined altcoins to devalue on exchanges. Which is not fair for anyone who does an honest proof of work mining.

How Does Garlicoin Work?

Garlicoin is a proof of work altcoin. The altcoin is mined through the use of GPUs. Every now and again, the developers of Garlicoin also hold free giveaways of their Garlicoins to users who are unable to mine their cryptocurrency. The main way to interact with the developer team is through their subreddit where they often host these cryptocurrency airdrops, provide updates, and other support.

Final Thoughtson Garlicoin (GRLC)

With a large following of subscribers and an honest mission to bring a secure mining altcoin, Garlicoin has managed to outdo even Dogecoin in some areas. While many may laugh at the reasoning and beginnings of this token, don’t let the humor keep you away from trying this cryptocurrency.


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