What is FLiK (FLIK) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Streaming is no longer the future of entertainment, it is now one of the biggest ways viewers interact with media. Up until now, however, streaming has not been adopted onto the blockchain. FLiK is a platform that wants to bring streaming to the blockchain and create an entertainment ecosystem that will benefit both content creators and viewers.

FLiK Ecosystem

The FLiK platform will not just be a streaming platform. It intends to completely revolutionize the way entertainment is funded, created, and distributed. FLiK could potentially pave a new way of developing and distributing media through its blockchain based platform and cryptocurrency, FLIK.

While the short-term goal for FLiK is to focus on the development and distribution of film and television projects, the team’s long-term goal is to expand to music and gaming. This will ensure the platform is consistently creating content and remaining relevant while offering customers a variety of entertainment options.

FliK Streaming

First and foremost, FLiK is intended to be a world-class online video streaming platform. It differs from other platforms in that it will be aimed at content creators as a vehicle to distribute their movies and television shows to the public. Traditionally, artists who create film and television shows largely rely on other companies to buy and distribute their work; additional methods of self-distribution can incur fees, and streaming platforms take 10% – 20% of a creator’s earned profits.

FLiK wants to finally put the power of distribution into the hands of creatives by giving them a platform to distribute their productions and earn up to 98% of the profits associated with it. FLiK also wants to support content creators through funding options.

FLiK Funding

Obtaining funding for a film or television show is a long, harrowing process that involves a lot of red tape and wooing multiple investors. Unfortunately, creators can find that getting funding for their project can take years—sometimes even decades—and there is no guarantee that they will ever get the funding that they need.

FLiK plans to work with producers and qualified content creators to get their movies and television shows funded efficiently and distributed to excited viewers.

FLiK Tokens

The platform’s cryptocurrency, FLIK, will be available to subscribers so that they can access and pay for various services and products. FLiK will offer rentals, purchases, and unlimited monthly viewing subscriptions at different price points. FLiK also plans on future integration with various streaming devices such as Google Play, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many more.

Video streaming has become a major played in the media market, but streaming services have yet to consider bringing this technology to the blockchain or using it to better encourage content creators. FLiK’s business model intends to incorporate both the needs of creatives by offering them a place to fund and distribute film and television products and receive better revenue options as well as present plenty of streaming options to viewers through the use of their FLiK tokens.


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