What is Fitrova (FRV) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Fitrova is a platform that harnesses blockchain technology and applies that technology to the health and fitness industry. Its cryptocurrency, the FRV token, is designed to serve the industry by providing a clear and concise payment system. This system is meant to maintain accurate billing and membership details across health and fitness clubs, with a platform that internally links them into a single network.

Fitrova Implemented Blockchain Technology, also known as FIBT, allows fitness clubs to gain more control over daily practices and things such as membership information, billing, and payment through the use of Smart Contracts. These smart contracts utilize FRV, an ERC20 token that is trackable, global, and secure.

Ultimately, Fitrova aims to revolutionize the health and fitness industry by incorporating the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The platform ensures fast, inexpensive, and secure systems for membership and client records, and the distribution of this data can be performed across clubs all around the world. With unique features and its own token, Fitrova ushers in the future of the fitness industry.

Features of Fitrova

Fitrova aims to utilize blockchain technology to address and fix several of the fitness industry’s current issues. These issues include ensuring that client data, such as date of birth, address, and medical history, are kept safe and secure. Data can fall into the wrong hands or be accidentally shared with a health club that the client isn’t associated with. Fitrova’s solution to this is to keep client information as part of the blockchain network and to secure it against breaches.

Fitrova also provides a record keeping system that is guaranteed to be up to date. The system documents individual transactions, secures business ledgers, and secures consistent and dated information that will also be integrated with the blockchain. Timestamps are a system that the Fitrova platform supports, as well; Fitrova will keep track of the exact time and date that a client accesses their health club. With all of this, Fitrova aims to ease experience with fitness clubs and to enable secure data storage systems that can be shared across its network, with permission of the user.

The Fitrova Token (FRV)

As an ERC20 token, the Fitrova token, FRV, utilizes the Ethereum network and blockchain technology. Users of the Fitrova platform can use FRV for all transactions that take place on the network and it is the currency exchanged between fitness clubs and health businesses that are part of Fitrova’s network. FRV is currently listed on EtherDelta, Sistemkoin, and the Token Store, where interested parties can trade other currencies for the token.

Fitrova aims to be at the heart of blockchain development in the health and fitness industry as cryptocurrency continues to be adopted into the mainstream. New and exciting ways to apply the crypto world to products and services continue to be developed, and Fitrova is at the forefront of the application of cryptocurrency to the fitness world. By providing a more secure and systematic payment system that is universal, and by solving many of the issues that currently plague the industry, Fitrova represents the future of data storage for health and fitness clubs.


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