What is Fantomcoin (FCN) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

One of the most appealing aspects of cryptocurrency is mining. While it isn’t always the most affordable method of earning cryptocurrency, it can be one of the most lucrative to the dedicated miner and, depending on the blockchain, can offer different outcomes and rewards over time. Fantomcoin is a cryptocurrency that is embracing mining but with a twist; it is the first cryptocurrency to support merged mining.

Fantomcoin (FCN) Merged Mining

Mining can be incredibly taxing for a number of reasons. First of all, it can be expensive for miners if they need to invest in new equipment and build computers that are able to handle the processing requirements. Secondly, the energy demanded from mining can be bad for the environment. Many cryptocurrencies are moving away from Proof-of-Work models partially or entirely in order to avoid these pitfalls. Fantomcoin, however, is going about it a different way through the process of merged mining.

FCN can be mined alongside any other cryptocurrency pair that will support it. More so, this mining can occur without any serious additional resources, so there will be no more energy or demands put on a miner’s system in order to mine additional coins. Miners can mine multiple coins without the concern of multiplying energy consumption and other mining requirements.

Equally as importantly, unlike other cryptos, FCN does not require a GPU for mining. Mining through GPUs is one of the many things that hold users interested in mining back. It uses a lot of energy, and most computers need to be upgraded with GPUs to support mining capability. All of this can prove to be prohibitively expensive for miners and means that many people do not have the opportunity to mine. FCN, however, can be mined using a CPU which means that anyone with a computer will be able to do it without expensive upgrades and exorbitantly high energy costs.

As of right now, FCN can be merged mined with the following cryptos: ByteCoin (BCN), Monero (XMR), QuazarCoin (QCN), and duckNote (duck), or any CryptoNight based coin.


As a Proof-of-Work currency, FCN can be mined. It features a 60 second block time. There will be 18.4 million coins in total supply, with 50% of those coins emitted in 6 years. FCN can be purchased through exchanges and are also available in altcoin giveaways.

There seems to have been a lot of buzz around Fantomcoin, with some users excited to see a merged mining coin making the rounds. The value of the coin seemed to be fluctuating a bit, but that might have some to do with the lack of promotion and information available about this coin.

While it does have a Twitter, the official website offers bare bones and is lacking a white paper, so specific information is difficult to come by. Nothing seems to be known about the developers or the future for the coin. It remains to be seen if more information will be released and what is in store for FCN’s future.


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