What is Exclusive Coin (EXCL) Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide

Cryptocurrency is exploding, and decentralization is the future. It only makes sense that many developers are racing to get their own digital coins out onto the market and embraced by the cryptocurrency economic system. Exclusive Coin is not a new currency; it has been active in the market for three years, but it is making a comeback with a rash of new and exciting features.

Exclusive Coin (EXCL) Features

Of course, Exclusive Coin offers advanced security. The coin functions on the Proof-of-Stake protocol meaning that it is far more secure and energy efficient than the consensus that relies on Proof-of-Work. Exclusive Coin also offers a new level of privacy in the form of Darksend. This method allows for the ability for users to “mix up” their coins and make them unidentifiable before a transaction but still monitor coin movements to fulfill Proof-of-Stake.

Exclusive Coin relies on state-of-the-art decentralization which guarantees the best security and protects the system from downtime. The coin value is not likely to suffer, either, and users will be able to enjoy incredibly fast transactions. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, EXCL can be exchanged instantaneously thanks to the cryptocurrency’s 60 second block time.

Another key feature that Exclusive Coin offers is a low supply. There are only 4 million coins in circulation which allows for constant demand and maintains the coin’s value.

Exclusive Coin (EXCL) Masternode

As one of the only cryptocurrencies utilizing Masternode, Exclusive Coin definitely stands out among its competition. As an intelligent wallet, Masternode functions on a dedicated IP address and assures a maximum downtime of one hour a day, although downtime is not a problem that is really ever encountered in systems like this.

There are many different options of Masternodes, and Exclusive Coin offers the use of one that is the most advantageous. Some Masternodes are incredibly expensive to access, making them unavailable to many users. Others may be cheaper but rely on very high coin supplies which risk putting a stranglehold on further development. Exclusive Coin manages to balance these negatives by offering use of the Masternode for 5000 EXCL, which comes out to less than a single BitCoin.

The Masternode makes sure that Exclusive Coin can offer its important features instant transactions, completely anonymous transactions, a decentralized governance, and great trading opportunities right from the wallet.

Exclusive Coin is not a new coin, but it keeps maintaining its relevance within the cryptocurrency market by being flexible and evolving over time. Evolution is extremely important to cryptocurrency as it becomes more popular it has to maintain security for new threats and solve scalability problems, all while remaining easy to use and appealing to users and investors.

By concentrating on methods to keep their currency secure, private, and fast, Exclusive Coin will continue to grow and change with the market and offer the best possible currency. The company is also continuing to branch out and will soon be offering an outlet store and a gambling platform as well as additional wallet features.


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