What is EverGreenCoin (EGC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

When it comes to the environment every little bit of effort counts. Whether it be a community garden, planting trees, or building wells for fresh water. There is always a humanity or environment-oriented project that needs funding.

Whether you believe in climate change or not doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the world is still being heavily polluted. From the smog-filled city centers of major industrial powers to the giant plastic islands floating in the Pacific ocean, pollution is everywhere. Pollution of major rivers and land has left billions of people and animals to be heavily impacted.

Despite the best efforts of many volunteer organizations, recycling, clean-up initiatives, humanitarian projects, and non-profits, there is still more to be done for our ailing planet. Not everyone has the time to volunteer. Many organizations that say they are for the environment later prove to be scams and pyramid schemes to swindle money out of good-natured people.

Many governments are moving towards cleaner energy initiatives, reduction of air pollution, and cleaning up nuclear energy fallout. But often times these initiatives not only fall through they are often shams. Many governments use these eco-friendly initiatives and agreements to simply tax people heavily while leaving them none the wiser.

We all live on this beautiful planet and hope to at least leave it cleaner for the next generations. While there are many places you can donate funds to, it can become very tedious to research all of these organizations to see which ones are honest. So what can people do? How can they safely contribute to a cleaner planet without being swindled of their last dime?

There are many cryptocurrencies and projects that strive to improve the methods of donation and while also being environmentally-friendly. One such project is EverGreenCoin.

EverGreenCoin: Making Cryptocurrency An Environmentally-Friendly Investment

EverGreenCoin is an offshoot of Bitcoin with some major improvements and perks added.
The main objectives of EverGreenCoin are supplying information for various projects concerning renewable energy, water conservation, wellness, renewables, and gardening. They also intend to help fund these sorts of projects as well.

How Does EverGreenCoin Work?

Due to the ASICs scare the company has ended much of its mining operations. However, you can still purchase EverGreenCoins from a couple of crypto exchanges. Basically, they have switched from the proof of work to the proof of stake method while giving people a generous 7 percent reward.

All profits earned are then donated to one of the companies many branches concerning a specific area of need.

What are the Benefits of Using EverGreenCoin?

  • No age restrictions on investing in or contributing to the company’s environmental goals.
  • No registration is required
  • No credit or background checks will be needed
  • No border restrictions
  • Users, their donations, and their information are all kept private and secure
  • 7 percent annual rewards for all who take part in the EverGreenCoin network via mining.
  • The EverGreenCoin wallet can be used on Linux OS, Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, and paper.
  • Offers and electrically efficient method of mining for its EverGreenCoins making it an environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency from bottom to top.

Final Thoughts on EvergreenCoin (EGC)

If you are the sort of person who is environmentally conscious, then investing in this sort of cryptocurrency might be up your alley. The website does offer many other ways to support their various projects and causes in USD if you are not into the whole idea of purchasing their cryptocurrency.


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