What is Etheriya (RIYA) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Etheriya is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that provides macro and micro freelance services. These freelance services range from graphic design, programming, writing, video creation, consultancy, marketing, to business. People can utilize the Etheriya platform to both offer their services, and to search for services. Transactions will be user-friendly, fast, and secure, and people will have the ability to order services no matter how large or long-term those services are. Both buyers and sellers will receive 100% protection and all transactions will be private and anonymous.

The Etheriya token, an Ethereum-based ERC20 token, serves as the medium of payment for all services that take place on the Etheriya Marketplace. Originally, the platform was conceived to also offer a wider range of physical goods to buy and sell, but has since been reformed to focus solely on the service sector and aims to be a blockchain-based global market network. Etheriya is based on the current “fixed price” online marketplace for freelancing, as opposed to auction sites, with the main difference being that Etheriya is decentralized and based on the blockchain. This means that Etheriya is available to everyone around the world, is faster and more secure, and doesn’t involve a central entity or authority.

There are limitations to the fixed price model that Etheriya aims to address, and that is its main purpose. There are many current online marketplaces for people to offer and buy services, and there are already many platforms that are focused on freelance writing, translation, programming, and video creation. Etheriya aims to introduce a new type of platform, and to provide users with a viable alternative to traditional freelance marketplaces.

The “Fixed Price” Model and Etheriya’s Improvements

While fixed-price models offer many benefits to freelancers versus auction sites, the biggest problem are the terms concerning payments. While low prices are beneficial to people looking to buy services, it can seriously undervalue the freelancers looking to make a living off of those services. There can also be an unrealistic expectation for buyers as to what they’re getting for their money. While there is often a direct correlation between price and quality, fixed-price models don’t always reflect that correlation.

Freelancing platforms also often charge high fees and take a large amount of money from people selling services. Charges are typically 20%, and with the low level of reward, this deters many freelancers from beginning. Etheriya aims to address these issues by offering the same type of services, but differing in the delivery, execution, and security of the transactions that take place using blockchain technology. The blockchain provides higher transparency and security to aid with payment issues, and to dismantle fees.

The Etheriya Token (RIYA)

The Etheriya Token is Etheriya’s form of cryptocurrency. The coin, RIYA, is the medium of payment for all services that are offered and bought on the platform’s marketplace. There is a hard cap on the supply of RIYA tokens at 1,861,530, and the coin is available on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Cryptopia, CoinExchange, C-CED Exchange, and Etherdelta.

Although there are many freelance platforms currently in existence, there are issues associated with the traditional fixed-price models. Etheriya aims to utilize blockchain technology to provide freelancers with a viable alternative, that secures their payments and reduces fees. Etheriya is an example of all that can be done with the blockchain.


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