What is EquiTrader (EQT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Financial exchange is always evolving and growing and, for cryptocurrency, has never been more popular and exciting. In order to keep up with new demands and new coins, developers are constantly designing platforms that will better present trading in an easy and profitable way. EquiTrader is a token and platform that will encourage better trading through the exchange of ideas and information that traders can offer each other.

How EquiTrader is Different

In order to stand out from other trading platforms, EquiTrader has based its model on swarm intelligence. By utilizing crowd experience from traders, EquiTrader wants to be able to offer the most accurate trade forecasts possible. By incorporating a community, EquiTrader will also serve as a social platform that will facilitate the exchange of predictions and analysis to encourage the best possible trade techniques and opportunities.

EquiTrader Features

EquiTrader’s unique combination of trading platform and social network will offer an additional factor of intellect that most exchanges are unable to offer. Instead of relying on only artificial intelligence to predict markets, seasoned traders will be able to use their own experience and knowledge and then share their ideas with other traders throughout the platform, as well as continue to hone their own skills along the way.

The platform does support automated trades, however, which can aid newer and inexperienced users. Traders who are unfamiliar with the process will still be able to predict more accurate outcomes with the help of automation and not be bogged down by analysis and other skills it can take a long time to acquire.

Another way success is shared through the platform is through shadow trading. Shadow trading is a method in which the trading patterns made by more successful and seasoned traders on the platform can be accessed by other users and mimicked to achieve similar results. This helps new traders learn techniques that will guide them to success.

EquiTrader Token – EQT

The EquiTrader token, EQT, is a token that is used to incentivize the trading and sharing of information across the platform. Since EquiTrader’s social network relies heavily on the exchange of information between users, it’s important to encourage experienced investors to share their trading techniques, analysis, and even entire patterns in order to enlighten newer and less experienced traders.

EQTs are given to traders who share their information, and traders can earn more tokens based on their reputation regarding how accurate their predictions are and how helpful their information proves to be.

Since trading platforms pop up frequently within the cryptocurrency world, they are incredibly useful but increasingly must serve additional purposes in order to entice more users. EquiTrader offers more by not only hosting a simple and easy to use interface for beginning and advanced traders, but also by incentivizing experienced traders to share their analysis, predictions, and even trading patterns with new traders who do not as of yet know how to navigate the system. This exchange of information adds significance and usefulness to this trading platform.


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