What is Encrypto Tel (ETT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Encrypto Tel is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that supports the first Cloud private branch exchange (PBX). A PBX is a multi-telephone system, and Encrypto Tel aims to take blockchain technology and adapt it to communication services for the first time, revolutionizing the way that crypto tech is applied to real-world uses.

This will enable users to conduct free calls over the internet, whether they are an individual or are looking for communication services for their entire business. Although Encrypto Tel does not have its own internal form of cryptocurrency, it does currently accept Bitcoin and Litecoin and has plans to adapt more in the future.

Encrypto Tel holds a new future for both individual users and businesses. Users will receive free communication within the Encrypto Tel network, and all traffic will be encrypted so that personal information and data is secure. Encrypto Tel boasts standing room anywhere in the world, and gives users the ability to divert their numbers.

For businesses, there will be advanced routing configuration, and unlimited extension, meaning that businesses will be able to join all employees to their communications service plan. They’ll also have access to hundreds of local numbers.

Whether a user is an individual or a business, Encrypto Tel offers something for everyone as the first encrypted communications service. With Encrypto Telecom, users will be able to increase their contributions to world development as they encounter systems that represent the future of telecommunications. With reliable security and stable connections, Encrypto Tel employs well-established VoIP and PBX technologies and adapts them to the global crypto world.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a methodology and group of technologies that have been developed for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia over Internet Protocol (IP).

Internet telephony refers specifically to communications services such as voice, SMS, and voice-messaging over the public Internet. In addition to VoIP phones, the methodology is also available on personal computers and other devices that access the Internet. As a global means of communication, VoIP is often considered as the future of telephone technology.


PBX stands for a private branch exchange involving a multi-telephone system. Since the invention and implementation of Voice over IP technologies, PBX development has tended toward using the Internet Protocol (IP) to carry calls, and most modern PBXs support VoIP.

Major telecommunication carriers have been phasing out traditional systems all throughout the world in favor of all-IP networks; there is an expectation that things will completely change over by 2025. Private branch exchanges have evolved into VoIP centers that are hosted by central operators or manufacturers.

Encrypto Tel offers its users a full range of telecommunication services based on an innovative cloud private branch exchange, bringing communication technology to the crypto world for the first time.

With up-to-date digital technologies such as encryption, open algorithms, and usage of the blockchain, Encrypto Tel truly represents the future of telecommunication and offers users something new, whether they are individuals or businesses looking for communication services and for the ability to conduct free calls over the internet.


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