What is Emerald Crypto (EMD) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Emerald Crypto is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is supported by its blockchain-based platform. With fast block times and instant and secure transactions, users may send Emerald Crypto all around the world. As an open-source platform, transactions are published on the Emerald Crypto blockchain, but details such as the amount of transaction and the designated sender and receiver are kept private.

The Emerald Coin was originally launched in June 2013. Like many new cryptocurrencies, the project was unfortunately abandoned by its original developer after just a few months, and the community that liked and supported the cryptocurrency had to step in to keep it alive. Because it depends on the community, Emerald Crypto has several strong forums and a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. Threads have been established as launching points for the coin’s rebirth.

When the coin was reintroduced, its community thought it was best to rebrand the currency and give it a new name; hence, Emerald Coin became Emerald Crypto. It was agreed that “Emerald” was kept part of the name and the token retained the same ticker symbol (EMD), as distance was maintained between the original developer and his original plans. Ultimately, the community wanted to ensure that EMD became something more than just another alternative cryptocurrency, and intends to adopt the token into the mainstream with real world uses, backed by applications and marketing that will appeal to all kinds of businesses. The coin was officially rebranded and relaunched in 2014, as Emerald Crypto.

Features of Emerald Crypto

When the Emerald Coin was first introduced, it had one of the fastest block times of any currency that was available in 2013. While changes have been made to the structure of the coin, its basic features, including block times, coins per block, and total coins, have not been changed. Emerald Crypto has retained is famous fast block times at 20 seconds, and a hard cap on the supply has been maintained at 32 million. The reward for each block is 0.1 EMD, and blocking is based on a Scrypt hashing algorithm.

Emerald Crypto provides CPU mining, which means that solo mining is possible for users who are interested in supporting and maintaining the Emerald Crypto network. Its stable base both depends on the community, and keeps the community motivated.

The Emerald Crypto Coin (EMD)

Emerald Crypto’s coin, EMD, is its internal form of cryptocurrency. It is modeled after Litecoin, but aims to be an innovative alternative. Users can mine EMD and send the tokens all over the world. EMD is currently listed on popular exchanges, such as Cryptopia, NovaExchange, and BigBitex. There are also several forums available for Emerald Crypto’s active community.

With a 20 second block time for continuous confirmation of transactions on the blockchain, Emerald Crypto is an open-source cryptocurrency that is a viable alternative to many popular tokens that are currently out there. Thanks to the community that rebranded it and kept it alive, Emerald Crypto is a coin that’s in use all around the world, and aims to be adapted to the real world.


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