What is ELcoin (EL) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Over the years, the medical system in many countries has come under scrutiny regarding the disconnect of industries and problems with databases, including weaknesses in security. ELcoin is a system that wants to offer solutions to many of these problems through decentralization and use of the blockchain.

ELcoin Objectives

The ELcoin project wants to bring solutions to many of the problems that plague the world of medicine. It will offer a comprehensive platform regarding prevention, diagnostics, and treatments. By utilizing the blockchain, ELcoin intends on improving the availability and communication of information regarding healthcare.

The project will offer a kind of access that does not yet exist by bringing together information and technologies that will aid in the betterment of healthcare around the world. It will encourage the availability and production of medical, healthcare, and cosmetology equipment, implement a blockchain based medical platform, inspire research into new technologies, assist in patenting products in multiple countries, and, eventually, creating a network of ELcoin healthcare centers.


ELcoin is already responsible for the creation of multiple devices that will aid in the treatment and betterment of various conditions.

The CARDIO apparatus will be used in cases of cardiac disease. It is intended as a monitoring and potentially life saving device. CARDIO is capable of forecasting the probability of a heart attack or stroke with a 95% accuracy rate and is based on up to date developments. It can measure up to 77 integral indicators in the cardiovascular system, is simple to use, and ties into the blockchain medical platform. It will be a useful tool intended for physicians, those with various heart ailments, and even athletes who want to monitor their cardio health.

ELcoin’s next device, QUANTUM, aids the cosmetology community. It restores and rejuvenates the skin by using dermal scientific knowledge developed throughout time. Since it is a portable device, it is easy to carry around and store and cuts down on expensive and inconvenient trips to salons.

The PROFESSIONAL is a comprehensive diagnostic system that can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used to determine the severity of an injury throughout the body, conduct medical testing, and even perform drug testing as well as many other features.

ELcoin – The Platform

ELcoin will use the blockchain to bring together healthcare professionals, physicians, and patients for superior medical care. It will offer training opportunities, facilitate information exchange between professionals to better diagnostics and improvement of care, and increase the availability of healthcare for those around the world.

ELcoin Token – EL

ELcoin tokens will be initially distributed through an ICO. The token supply will be 60 million, with half of that capped for the ICO. 5% of the coins will be allotted to bounties, such as social media campaigns, creative support, and other processes.

With new technologies in development and a roadmap for a promising platform, it is certainly possible that ELcoin may be able to lead a major shift in the healthcare system and the betterment of the global community.


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