What is EBCH (EBCH) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

EBCH is an ERC20 token. EBCH is the ticker symbol for eBitcoincash. This token was distributed to the community on November 5, 2017, without an ICO. No money was collected from the distribution of this digital token.

EBCH is traded on a few exchanges including EtherDelta and Stocks Exchange. EBCH tokens are paired with ETH and BTC tokens. EBCH has a market capitalization of $275,530. Daily trading volume is $957. 9,285,500 EBCH tokens are in circulation. A total of 21 million EBCH tokens are available.

Trends in EBCH Trading

Recent trading data indicates a declining trend which began during the first week of July 2018. After reaching a market capitalization of $1 million, the EBCH token declined in value significantly. A similar downward trend was observed during the second week of February 2018. The EBCH token reached a high of $1.8 million before declining in value over the next two months. It bottomed-out around $280,000. Currently, the EBCH token is ranked 992nd among cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

EBCH to CPEX Transition and Token Distribution

As of July 1, 2018, this token was rebranded as CPEX. EBCH tokens will be exchanged for CPEX tokens until September 30, 2018 or until 90% of the tokens have been swapped.

CPEX is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Transactions are processed in 15 seconds. A total of 100 million CPEX tokens were created. This is a fixed supply.

The exchange rate is 1 EBCH token = 3 CPEX token. No ICO. Here’s the distribution of tokens:

50% – Public

30% – Developers, Staff operations

15% – Strategic Partnerships

5% – Shareholders, board of directors, advisory board

20 million – Sign up bonus for CoinPulse Exchange

300 – EBCH Token holder bonus


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