What is EagleCoin (EAGLE) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

EagleCoin in the initial step of Eagle Project was already an ERC20 Ethereum token. To accomplish the objective of the venture to build up the up and coming age of installment framework, EagleCoin will be changed from an ERC20 token to EagleX that has its own blockchain with incredible highlights, called IronGeekChain.

IronGeekChain System

IronGeekChain is anchored by IronGeekNodes which the portrayal of all EagleX holders are. To approve the exchange, IronGeekChain utilizes an agreement system called Iron dBFT (Iron assigned Byzantine Fault Tolerant). The press dBFT agreement is strong against twofold assaults. IronGeekChain has incredible highlights contrasted with other understood blockchains. IronGeekChain has two local tokens, principle token (EagleX) and working token (Benz). Different gatherings can make smart contracts or advanced resources in IronGeekChain.

IronGeekNodes are partitioned into prime hubs and member hubs. Prime hubs are the hubs chose to be the principle hubs. Prime hubs have duty to keep their hubs accessible. IronGeekChain can work if no less than one of the prime hubs is alive. Different gatherings can apply for the prime hubs with some strict conditions. To be a member hub, a hub needs to enroll and get no less than one vote. Charge for enlist is 2000 BENZ while expense for vote is 500 BENZ. The expenses will be dispersed to all EagleX holders relative to the measure of EagleX in their wallet. Hubs will get charge for token exchange in the chain.

Exchange System

Exchanging EagleX and guaranteeing staking prize will be free, no exchange cost is charged. It will make the platform as ideal as a decent advanced resource which is zero charge exchange next to its quick exchange speed. Exchanging different tokens will be charged 1 penny BENZ. This expense will be conveyed to the IronGeekNodes for anchoring the system. EagleX speaks to the overseeing intensity of the blockchain and go about as the primary token in the framework.

The sum of EagleX is 72 million with 2 decimals. Since the Eagle Project centers around installment framework and normal fiat funds utilize penny-wording, EagleX utilizes two decimals after comma for advantages. The sum of Eagle is the same as the most extreme supply of the old EagleCoin, which is 12 million, in addition to 60 million of past EaglePayToken arrangement.

Smart Contract

IronGeekChain has a smart contract platform, which bolsters different programming dialects. Smart contract designers can utilize their helpful dialect including C#, Java, and Java content. To convey a smart contract or computerized resource, a designer needs to pay some measure of Benz, contingent upon their smart contract unpredictability. This component will likewise build the need of Benz and make Benz more important. Initially, smart contract designers don’t have to take in another programming dialect. They can utilize the mainstream programming dialect which they are master. Second, smart contract designers can make an airdrop program for holders naturally. This is a simple, shabby and powerful promoting. The EagleX holders can likewise get advantage; they get the new discharged token for nothing.


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