What is DigitalPrice (DP) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

With every new step in the market, users are demanding more and more of their cryptocurrency: not just in value, but in features. DigitalPrice is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency that offers advanced security as well as higher rewards for its holders. It’s also launching Scrypto, a social network based on the exchange of information regarding cryptocurrency available across the web.

DigitalPrice (DP)

The DigitalPrice team has prioritized hard work and clear goals for their cryptocurrency in hopes that it will have a long-lasting future. They developed DigitalPrice (DP), a fast and secure cryptocurrency that will offer the highest available ROI for Masternode operators.

DP is a Proof-of-Stake consensus which offers protection from malicious attacks to the network and grants rewards for its holders. 25 coins are mined every 120 seconds and split up to be rewarded. 66% of each block will be rewarded to Masternodes while 33% will be awarded to stakeholders.

Masternodes participate in DigitalPrice’s governance system, and users must opt into Masternodes to vote and redeem higher rewards. To launch a masternode, users must lock up 25,000 DP. Where DP’s value is on the market and how many Masternodes are active determines how many coins are received by a single user throughout the day.

DigitalPrice will support their own wallets where users can stake their DP. As long as the wallet is connected to the network, users will be able to reap their staking rewards.

Features of DigitalPrice (DP)

Besides its PoS benefits, DigitalPrice will offer InstantSend and PrivateSend abilities. InstantSend allows instantaneous transactions with a nominal fee. Randomly chosen Masternodes will verify transactions through consensus, and the process will solve double-spending problems without long wait times. PrivateSend also uses Masternodes to combine inputs from multiple users into a transaction, making the transaction completely untraceable and thus completely private.


One of the key features on DigitalPrice’s roadmap is its social network, Scrypto. The network is aimed at both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors as well as developers in order to bridge the often fractured information throughout the cryptocurrency community. DigitalPrice wants Scrypto to serve a place for anyone interested in cryptocurrency to come together to exchange information and ideas about cryptocurrency.

Since cryptocurrency is a growing technology, there is a lot of information out there. Most of it is not available in a centralized area, and often it is spread out over various websites and web forums, meaning users must dig through hundreds of pages to find information that can prove to be outdated anyway.

Scrypto hopes to bring all of that scattered information into one available area and then use incentivization through tips and easy currency exchange for users of all interest levels to be able to access correct, up to date information about any of the thousands of currencies on the market.

DigitalPrice already offers some new features as a cryptocurrency, and its improved rewards system and future in social networking may put it on the map as a valuable and useful currency for investors and developers.


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