What is DigitalCoin (DGC) Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide

DigitalCoin is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged and used worldwide. With a focus on economic fairness and growth, it is an open-source cryptocurrency that is meant to be a viable alternative to other currencies that are currently on the market. It was founded in 2013 and is a proven method of transferring currencies with transaction confirmations that take less than a minute; any user who has access to the Internet can conduct transactions from anywhere, to anywhere, making DigitalCoin a truly global cryptocurrency.

With the tagline “A Currency for the Digital Age,” DigitalCoin’s developers aim to help bridge the gap between the public, and new cryptocurrency technology by making it simpler and easier for them to become involved in digital currencies. Since anyone can participate in the platform as long as they have an internet connection, DigitalCoin doesn’t discriminate, and it doesn’t value users who have previous knowledge or experience with cryptocurrencies.

The platform is also completely free to use; there is no charge at all for any of the software or services that the platform provides. The only fee is as small one, less than a cent, that comes with the transactions. With the coin, users are able to purchase items and services from vendors around the world. The cryptocurrency is truly a global one.

What makes DigitalCoin Different

DigitalCoin is the only cryptocurrency that supports three different algorithms with Masternodes. These are the Scrypty, x11, and SHA256 algorithms, and with Masternode technology, they contribute to the safety and security of the network. DigitalCoin is also completely open-sourced. Under the MIT license that it has obtained, users receive the freedom to use the cryptocurrency in any way they see fit—there are no restrictions or guidelines.

Uniquely, DigitalCoin has also been developed through a community of volunteer members. The platform has been created through the DigitalCoin Developer Network, and the network continues to accept new members who are skilled and dedicated. Not only can anyone participate in the digital currency world through DigitalCoin, but they can also become involved in the development of the platform that enables that participation, which is a great opportunity for anyone interested.

The DigitalCoin Token (DGC)

DGC are rewards that are given to users who participate in the mining of the token. Other than mining, users also have the option to obtain the token on exchanges such as Cryptopia and Bleutrade. DGC are also able to be converted into other currencies such as USD and Euros, and the coins can be stored on PCs, Macs, or Androids. DigitalCoin’s website offers live data that is pulled from Bittrex, that allows users to stay up to date on the price of the coin.

As a decentralized peer-to-peer medium of cryptocurrency exchange, DigitalCoin is designed for security, stability, and ease. It uniquely offers the opportunity for anyone and everyone to participate in a digital token exchange, and to become involved in the platform’s development. By being free and accessible to absolutely anyone as long as they have internet connection, the platform is truly helping bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency world and the public.


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