What is DCORP Utility (DRPU) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The blockchain is based on technology, but as its only been developed in the last ten years, it is not entirely accessible to everyone, especially those who do not have a lot of experience with computers and coding. DCORP Utility is a platform that intends on using education and offering resources to create a more accessible blockchain environment as well as offering funding for innovative ideas in the community.


According to its whitepaper, the DCORP Utility is a corporation that “autonomously generates growth.” As a platform, DCORP hopes to create an ecosystem that exists to encourage and grow the blockchain community and the projects developing within it.

It is developing many different aspects beneath its umbrella to contribute to the betterment of the community. The DCORP Academy will offer opportunities to become educated and aware of the blockchain and platform. DCORP Ventures hopes to influence the creation and growth of blockchain related projects. DCORP Network will work to find the right candidates to support and develop innovative technologies. The proposed BULLEX Cryptocurrency Exchange intends on listing tokens that are the result of the various innovations developed under the DCORP umbrella.

While DCORP is still in its beta version, some projects have already been created and developed thanks to the platform’s assistance. Additional proposals have been submitted, pending approval and funding from the platform.


The community is the basis for DCORP and will have influence on projects and ideas funded by the corporation. Token holders are considered anyone who holds the DRPU currency, and holders will have the ability to influence what proposals receive funding.

A Supervisory Board will also be implemented. It will be led by seven individuals who will represent the voice of token holders. This board will be responsible for both management tasks and governance upon the platform.

While token holders can choose to remain anonymous, the Supervisory Board will not have that option. They will be required to vote whenever a vote is called, and their vote will be stored on the public blockchain for transparency purposes. Board members will also be expected to participate in management roles such as maintaining websites and managing funds.

If token holders are unhappy with their representatives, they will be able to vote to replace them.


The DCORP token, DRPU, is an essential part of the platform. It is not a minable token, but it can be traded in exchanges. Token holders will also be able to qualify for DRPU airdrops, vote on projects to receive funding, and will receive discounts on the BULLEX exchange and future projects that have been funded by DCORP.

Innovation has become an essential part of the blockchain initiative, and it only seems logical that companies would develop platforms to support the evolution of technology. By creating a democratic model within their platform to support these projects, ELcoin may be able to flourish as a unique system supporting the furtherment of blockchain evolution and the encouragement of education.


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