What is Dashcoin (DSH) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

When cryptocurrency started appearing on the internet many didn’t believe it would take off let alone be a worthwhile investment. Now many naysayers are eating their words with Bitcoin and many other digital currencies being worth thousands of dollars.

Bitcoin started the decentralize currency trend by moving transactions away from corrupt banking institutions and into the hands of the people. While this project has made leaps and bounds for cryptocurrency it too has its flaws. One being transactions are not as private or anonymous as many may have believed.

In an era where privacy and anonymous are being stripped with every online agreement, law, and/or regulation, it is no surprise that some people would rise to the call of fighting back. Privacy is important to many people because it allows one to be secure without unnecessary violation or abuse. After all, no one likes someone telling them how to live their life right?

Well, many banking corporations and other financial institution have been doing just that. With every single transaction, they collect data on you and then sell it to the highest bitter or outright rat you to authorities for the most minor of infringements.

Talk about living in an Orwellian society. So what can people do? How can people get back their privacy, security, and anonymity without handing it all to a government or other corporate institutions?

Many cryptocurrencies have developed systems that provide privacy and anonymity. While some have succeeded in providing these services, others have chosen to be either mediocre or sinister with their projects. How can one be sure they are using a cryptocurrency that is reliable without being scammed?

This is where Dashcoin and a few other altcoins have stepped up to the plate to help people find a reliable alternative to Bitcoin.

Dashcoin: Anonymity to Cryptocurrency and Private Online Payments

What was once referred to as Darkcoin has now shifted its persona to Dash, otherwise known as digital cash. Unlike developmental platforms like Stratis and Ethereum, Dash strives to be more like a well-developed network similar to Bitcoin. The Dash platform offers all users a safe peer to peer electronic cash system that is also decentralized.

The major intention of Dash is to provide a secure network of masternodes that help keep the cryptocurrency as liquid as many types of fiat currency.

How Does Dashcoin Work?

The Dashcoin and platform are built on Bitcoin’s core code while making necessary additional tweaks to the code. This allows the Dashcoin and platform to remain open-source, operate on its own blockchain, offer its own wallet infrastructure, and provides a welcoming community.

The main purpose of this cryptocurrency is to allow users to send money via the Dash platform quickly to anyone in the world. You can exchange other cryptocurrencies into Dashcoins or purchase them off of one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges.

The platform offers a wide variety of benefits beyond security, anonymity, and privacy. Users can trade and make transactions for a very small fee, conduct international trading in cryptocurrency, and even give economic incentives to those daring enough to run a Dash masternode for profit. The individualized wallets can easily be downloaded on Linux OS, Mac OS, and Windows Os.

Final Thoughts on DashCoin (DSH)

Dash offers many cryptocurrency users a safer and more reliable alternative to Bitcoin. While it may have a few shortcomings such as not having enough merchants and or users, it is still a worthwhile investment token. Dashcoin is definitely worth using for fast payment transactions with very negligible fees to do so.


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