What is Darcrus (DAR) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Darcrus is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that aims to provide blockchain technology as a service that protects, encrypts, and stores data while also providing automatic replication and the recovery of information. The Darcrus project aims to change the current way that business is conducted completely and believes that sensitive information is critical to success and that protecting it is of the utmost importance.

With several decentralized applications available on their website, the Darcrus project is able to tailor the applications they offer, such as Mercury and Jupiter, to specific needs in order to accomplish tracking, billing, accounting, and authentication. With the Jupiter Nodal System (JNS), all information is automatically encrypted and replicated, and every change will be recorded. Given this, no one can modify the information without Darcrus’ system detecting it, and no unauthorized person can read the information in the JNS.

The decentralization of Darcrus also benefits businesses, by making the backup and storage of information simpler with no added fees or third parties. With Darcrus, individual users are in complete control of their information at all times. The platform also has its own self-sustaining ecosystem, so interested users will find all they need on a single site and can ensure that their data is always safe.

Darcrus (DAR)

Darcrus is both the name of the overall project and its first token. Developers who want to build their own decentralized application on top of the private Jupiter blockchain can only obtain Jupiter tokens by exchanging DAR to JUP through Darcrus’ payment swap server. Darcrus originally was an asset on the Nxt blockchain, but now resides on the public WAVES blockchain. DAR can be traded at WAVES Dex within the Waves Lite Client.


Mercury is a decentralized application that connects Darcrus’ Jupiter blockchain to the public WAVES blockchain. Every block hash of the private Jupiter is timestamped to the public WAVES one, with Mercury used to create and hold the transaction fee. The timestamp is publicly available, so that inside users of the private Jupiter blockchain won’t be accused of accessing or modifying private data. Mercury contributes to Darcrus’ self-sustaining ecosystem because the fully functional Mercury token has cross-chain capability and dual-chain provenance for products being sold; technologies need to buy Mercury for clients, and users can mine Mercury so the token is on the market.


Jupiter is the core product of the Darcrus platform; it is a private blockchain that is available for all users. Jupiter offers various software packages that are fully customizable and are adaptable for different needs. As a customizable decentralized network, Darcrus has chosen to support a private blockchain because it enables businesses to be charged less fees, and Jupiter also supports an encrypted messaging system. Although Jupiter tokens are not publicly tradable, they can be exchanged for Darcrus tokens through Darcrus’ payment server.

Through its unique Darcrus, Jupiter, and Mercury decentralized applications, the Darcrus blockchain platform offers users the opportunity to ensure that their data is safely stored and encrypted. Its applications give businesses the chance to invest in data storage in a more simple and cheaper way, and is an example of all of the different services that blockchain technology has to offer.


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