What is DAO.Casino (BET) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

DAO.Casino is a decentralized platform that supports a blockchain protocol for gambling. Its developers aim to be able to provide game developers and casinos with a more simple and easy way to create games, and to become a casino operator. Many people are interested in becoming involved with the online gaming industry, whether they are developers looking to create their own games or own cryptocurrency platforms, or they are gamers themselves, looking for fair play and a stable and secure system on which to spend their digital tokens.

As an Ethereum-based protocol for the online gaming industry, DAO.Casino enables interactions between all parties and all participants.

These interactions are enabled by an automated value distribution protocol, and the platform also consists of a system that provides unpredictable pseudo-random numbers for games, making DAO.Casino a website where friends can play secure games that they know they won’t be cheated in, and they can connect to users all around the world.

Smart Contracts act as autonomous agents on the platform and reward all participants accordingly; this ensures fair pay and that winnings are distributed as they should be.  

Currently, online casinos account for 10% of total revenue in the global gaming business; there is profit to make from the online industry, however, people who develop their own online games often have few chances to gain the necessary number of interested parties in order to compete in the market.

Players also come across a lot of problems, the biggest of which is placing trust in providers, and knowing that they are playing a fair game. The main goal of the existence of DAO.Casino is to replace centralized casino models with decentralized ones, put the control over funds back into the hands of users, and make gambling a more accessible industry for people all around the world.

The DAO.Casino Coin System

DAO.Casino employs a protocol that defines interactions between participants for online gaming. There are two levels for these interactions; the gaming level, which is about a player’s trust in a casino operator and their fair game of chance, and the business model level, which is the gaming developer’s site and which doesn’t rely on casino operators. Instead of third parties, DAO.Casino employs Smart Contracts based on Ethereum protocol to act as agents between participants and is the liaison between gamer and developer.

The DAO.Casino Coin (BET)

The DAO.Casino Coin (BET) is the cryptocurrency of the DAO.Casino. Although there is a hard cap on the supply of BET at 167 million, 109 million are currently in circulation, and DAO.Casino sits at 232nd place in coinmarketcap.com’s coin ranking. BET is the asset associated with gaming on the platform.

DAO.Casino’s platform, as a decentralized system, achieves a beneficial balance between active participation, and fair return. Developers benefit from using DAO.Casino to create their online casinos, and players benefit by playing on a platform that they know is fair and will provide them profit.

Although DAO.Casino is not the only Ethereum-based gaming platform, it is very promising and ambitious, and represents the future of online gaming, as an opportunity for people to participate in a peer-to-peer marketplace that promises fair game.


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