What is Daneel (DAN) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to investing there are a lot of associated risks one takes to just earn a type of passive income. Whether it be taking your chances with the stocks on Wallstreet or skimming the many altcoins on various cryptocurrency exchanges, there is always a moment to invest and risk it all.

Stocks come with their own danger of never knowing when they will fall or how anything is really determined. All most people can do is hope and pay a stockbroker to make those risky choices for them. Cryptocurrency, despite all the good that has come out of it, also suffers from a few similar issues.

With the thousands of projects, platforms, applications, and altcoins on the market it is no surprise that some of these would be scams. This is always to be expected, but what makes these scams so bad is that they steal away investments from genuine projects and platforms.

Many novice cryptocurrency users are new to the whole concept of “pump and dump” crypto scams, so they often fall for them by accident. Research can help determine a scam but sometimes that is not always the case. This is especially true if a project is still in development or is completely brand new to the cryptocurrency exchanges. This is how even expert cryptocurrency users fall too.

So what can people do to make sure that they get the best investment for their money? How can a new user find out all the news on a project, ICO, application or platform without all the technical crypto babble associated with it? After all, many people are willing to invest they just don’t completely understand how cryptocurrency works.

The developer team for Daneel hopes to change the cryptocurrency investment game while having both expert cryptocurrency users and beginners in mind.

Daneel: Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Personal Finance and Cryptocurrency

Artificial intelligence has many uses, both good and bad. For Daneel, this is meant to revolutionize how we invest into cryptocurrency by making use of IBM’s Watson technology. This AI major goal and function is to help people make good investments by giving people all of the reliable data on a particular project, ICO, application, or cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes.

Making quick and well thought out investment decisions just got easier thanks to this easy to use AI personal finance assistant programs.

How Does Daneel Work?

Daneel uses artificial intelligence to search, browse, collect, and analyze a vast amount of information surround the cryptocurrency industry. Every single news feed, social media networks, specialized media networks, media, and online channels are all sifted through for reliable information. Basically, the machine learns everything about you and cryptocurrency.

It even goes so far as to read the emotions of people. This is tied in with other data bits to give users a well-made system for advanced market indicators. The AI even analyzes its users so that it can customize itself to the user and provide the user with reliable advice on cryptocurrency investments.

What are the Benefits of Using Daneel?

  • Offers specialize data on live token rates and altcoin markets
  • Provides reliable cryptocurrency news
  • Keeps users up to date on all new and trending ICOs
  • Has a well-developed advance market indicator system that not only uses emotions but also confidence scores
  • Is a simple to use platform so that even new users can navigate the various cryptocurrency markets
  • Provides timely alerts, portfolio management services and even offers all users tailored daily financial advice

Final Thoughts on Daneel (DAN)

If you are new to cryptocurrency or are tired of investing in bad projects, scams, and all around useless cryptocurrency, then Daneel is a very useful AI-bot for you to use. Now you won’t have to stress as much about making your next cryptocurrency investment.


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