What is Dalecoin (DALC) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

DaleCoin is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be used to purchase items and services in the Dalemat ecosystem. 1 million DaleCoins (DALC) were created. The tokens were distributed as follows:

10,000 – Community
390,000 – Exchanges
400,000 – Token holders
200,000 – Reserved for development and marketing

Users can purchase DALC tokens on exchanges. Tokens that are designated for token holders will be distributed within three years. The amount awarded to token holders depends on the amount of time they hold the tokens.

Trading DALC Tokens

DALC is traded on several exchanges including YoBit, Cryptopia, and CoinExchange. DALC tokens are paired with BTC tokens. DALC has a market capitalization of $76,680. Daily trading volume exceeds $200. The circulating supply is 514,400 DALC. The total supply is 1 million DALC. DALC is ranked 1303rd by market capitalization.

Users can exchange DALC tokens to fiat currency with a local escrow on Telegram. The Dalemat community is ready to assist new users. In fact, their goal as a community is to teach people how to trade cryptocurrencies. There is an interactive social media platform that offers training and installation of testing software. The tests are designed for new traders, and it is a knowledge assessment.

The team behind Dalecoin is developing a swap exchange for users. It will allow token holders to exchange DALC tokens for other cryptocurrencies. One of the most useful applications is mobile phone minute purchases. Users can buy minutes on their phone with DALC tokens.

Dalecoin (DALC) Payments and Wallets

DALC tokens can be used to pay for weekly subscriptions to the online crypto-trading center. Users can pay fees for standardized testing with DALC tokens. This cryptocurrency can also be used to buy phone minutes. The team behind Dalecoin is reaching out to bloggers and telegram group owners and requesting that Dalecoin be added as a payment method.

Several digital wallets are available. MyEtherWallet is a popular digital wallet for cryptocurrencies. imToken and Coinomi are two more options.

Block Explorer Description

There is a block explorer. It allows users to view transactions. Several bits of information are listed. There’s a table that contains all the transactions. It includes the sender and receiver addresses. The transaction hash is listed, along with the age of the transaction. The addresses for all the token holders are listed as well. The amount of tokens held by each user and the percentage of ownership is listed.

The Power of Ethereum

Ethereum is an open-source, public distributed computing platform and operating system. It is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The currency of the Ethereum blockchain is Ether. Several institutions have used the Ethereum blockchain to expand financial services. J.P. Morgan Chase is developing a variant of Ethereum called Quorum. It balances public and private transactions when dealing with derivatives and certain types of payments. Quorum is designed to address the privacy concerns of account holders while meeting the legal requirements of regulators.

The Royal Bank of Scotland built a Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM) based on Ethereum.


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