What is CryptoPing (PING) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

The altcoin intelligence bot, CryptoPing, is developed to help in getting the most profitable trades for traders. Exchanges such as Bittrex and Poloniex are constantly being monitored by CryptoPing to generate useful signals which it sends to its subscribers before there is a drop in the values. Subscribers? Yes. The service is available at a monthly subscription fee.

How Does CryptoPing Work?

As an altcoin intelligence bot, CryptoPing is designed to constantly watch the altcoin markets and then use Telegram in notifying its subscribers with trading signals.

The aim of the developers is to provide a platform for veteran traders to provide signals and also educate their followers on trading, either anonymously, or publicly.

The platform also offers an easy channel of communication between users and developers where they can discuss projects and ideas.

Who’s Behind CryptoPing?

The group behind CryptoPing consists of cryptocurrency trades who all have over 5 years’ experience as successful traders. Information on these traders is limited as the group remains anonymous.

How Does the ICO Work?

As a token based on the Waves platform, worth 1000 BTC at the time of release, a total of 9,000,000 tokens were made available during the ICO. The platform also reserved 1,000,000 tokens for its referral program.  

As an investor, you are entitled to a discount of 15% on the tokens for an investment worth more than 100 BTC. The company burns all tokens that remain after the crowdsale.

What Can You Use CryptoPing Tokens For?

To gain access to services offered by CryptoPing, the tokens are necessary. To ensure the value of the tokens will continue to increase, although the number of users on the platform is increasing, there is a limited number of tokens available. The company also burns 75% of all tokens used in paying for a subscription. It also plans to buy CryptoPing tokens of exchanges using 50% of any subscription made using altcoins or Bitcoin, and then burn them. This is how it hopes to keep the price of the token high.

CryptoPing Pricing

To subscribe to the monthly service of CryptoPing, a fee 0.01BTC or an equivalent amount in altcoins and tokens is required.

A 25% discount is available to anyone who subscribes using tokens. To provide transparency in its operation, burned tokens, buybacks, and subscription transactions are available in the form of a public log.

CryptoPing Features and Benefits

There are lots of benefits that users can enjoy by subscribing to the CryptoPing service. Here are a few of them:

  • There are lots of profitable trades available since the signals include all the cryptocurrencies
  • Signals begin to come in as soon as you launch CryptoPing
  • Exchanges like Cryptopia, Poloniex, Bittrex, and other major exchanges supports CryptoPing

Should You Use CryptoPing?

The first important fact to note about CryptoPing is that it is not a trading bot. it is a subscription-based trading service which provides signals to its subscribers so they can keep track of market movements. With discounts on subscriptions also available as well as information from major exchanges, the increase in the number of users is surely a stepping stone to the increase in the value of the currency.


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