What is CreativeCoin (CREA) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

CreativeCoin is a platform which is decentralized and allows for the sharing of registration of content. The platform allows for the licensing and authorship of any work. The well-recognized system of copyright management meets a competitor who is represented by CreativeCoin.

So as to be unique, the platform utilizes a modern distributed blockchain technology which acts as a substitute for the clear and public registration of intellectual property. Creative individuals should be offered support and provided with another means of safeguarding their work. For this aim, the platform for CreativeCoin which is decentralized provided a substitute crypto.

What Are the Features of CreativeCoin?

Safely Certify Your Work

CreativeChain challenges the centralized strength of the traditional methods of copyright management institutions. The platform provides a transparent and public replacement to the registration of intellectual property, making a smart utilization of the distributed and groundbreaking blockchain technology.

The platform takes advantage of the Blockchain technology’s power of attorney in the process of content registration to develop POE or Incorruptible proof of existence which aid in certifying the authorship of any digital job.

Link with Creative Communities

This is aimed at all designers, musicians, professionals, and artists in the audiovisual industry who create digital content and utilize the internet for the sales of distribution of their creations among their followers and fans.

Absence of Intermediaries

The P2P ecosystem of Creativechain helps in going over the centralized and opaque models of content distribution where the intermediaries place massive fees that make the jobs of authors more pricey.

It offers a social network without censorship which is decentralized and allows users to share their creations freely in an economic system run by the community itself.  

P2P Distribution

CreativeChain incorporates numerous p2p systems of content distribution with CREA or Creativecoin which is the platform’s official cryptocurrency. Users can get their initial CREA if they share work of great quality on the platform. They also have the capacity to get donations anytime they are offered a like from other users of the platform.

CREA Challenge

CREA’s offers weekly challenges which last for a week and are set up to ensure the creative juices flow into the community of Creativechain.  Individuals of all ages in the public can partake in these challenges.

CREA Rewards

Gamma Rewards Is one of the setups utilized by the CREA projects to share its crypto among the creatives community who partake in this reward system.

Every month, as much as 50 artists will be offered as they register. To do this, the users must precisely follow the steps stated in the instructions for participation. This reward is dedicated to a new discipline or style monthly. The chosen users are listed on the official website of CREA and their rewards will be sent to their specific CREA address.

CreativeCoin Conclusion

CreativeCoin offers a platform that allows users to register and share content. It also allows for the licensing and authorship of any work. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on in the long run.


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