What is COPYTRACK (CPY) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

COPYTRACK is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that helps photographers, publishers, and image agencies to secure copyrights for their images by using blockchain technology. COPYTRACK is an enforcement service that is active in 140 countries, and it ensures that copyrighted images are protected, and that their owners are alerted whenever their images are used, anywhere in the world.

COPYTRACK is an offshoot of the platform CONCENSUM; COPYTRACK is provided for free with a CONCENSUM account. On CONCENSUM, users register the copyright for their images, and then the images are automatically protected by continuous monitoring that is conducted by its partner COPYTRACK.

If COPYTRACK detects an online use of copyrighted images, users are informed through their CONCENSUM account. With one click, these platforms enable users to see where their images are being used worldwide, and can be alerted to any illegal use of them. The platforms also provide users with a risk-free global post-licensing.

Registering images is the first and essential step for managing digital content. At the core of CONCENSUM is the Global Copyright Register, where users identify themselves, upload their images, link their images to themselves, and receive a certificate that proves they are the owners. Together, CONCENSUM and COPYTRACK resolve image theft, through a process that is smart, easy, and fair, and puts complete control of image licensing into the hands of their users.

Features of COPYTRACK

COPYTRACK provides users with a free and open copyright register. Accounts are completely free, and consist of five secure layers. First, the account is created, images are uploaded, and proof of authorship is confirmed. The platform audits the authenticity of the authorship and provides a blockchain-based certificate, and from then on, the user exercises and maintains complete copyright control.

COPYTRACK guarantees that it is 100% risk-free. Using in-app tools, users can browse and choose image license fees and are in complete control of the entire process. The platform believes that the rights of image owners and producers should always be protected, and it ensures that its services uphold these rights.


The CPY token is COPYTRACK’s cryptocurrency. CPY is used for payment in the licensing systems; users pay for their copyrights with CPY tokens and can utilize the token to design a friendly, easy-to-use interface that can incorporate payment routing and contracts.

CPY tokens have a hard cap on their supply at 100 million. They are available for trade on several exchanges, and 50% of all tokens were available during the public token sale.

As an enforcement service, COPYTRACK believes that everyone who is involved with the creation of their work needs recognition and payment for their intellectual property. Creators of images shouldn’t be worried about how or where those images are being used. With COPYTRACK, people can create free accounts and ensure copyrights of their work, and the platform is global, serving 140 countries. COPYTRACK tries to resolve many issues that face people in the image industry and brings it into the future with blockchain technology.


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