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ConnectJob is a blockchain powered partially decentralized platform that allows users to pay other users to perform services. Individuals can post help wanted ads or services they can provide. Payments are made for services instantaneously and all agreements and transactions use Ethereum based smart contracts. Users can search the platform for jobbers who are able to provide services. Users who purchase services deposit the payment in to escrow accounts. Once the job is completed, users rate the jobber and the jobber is paid. The platform uses its own utility token, ConnectJob Token (CJT).

How ConnectJob Works

The platform connects service providers and users and allows jobbers to connect directly with users. ConnectJob charges low transaction fees and focuses on attracting freelancers and micro taskers and providing a platform for the gig economy.

Consumers can search for service providers based on their location. They can post jobs for things like babysitting, coaching, and house cleaning. ConnectJob is built on the Ethereum network and Web3. The platform will allow users to complete transactions using fiat currency in order to attract users and build its user base. ConnectJob aims to only allow digital currency in the future and transition to a fully decentralized platform. It is the first platform to integrate all consumer services in to one app and allow users to connect using their location.

The platform will only allow qualified and certified jobbers to offer services. Jobbers must apply with ConnectJob and provide proof of their skills, certifications, work history, and training. The platform will conduct interviews with applicants. ConnectJob will conduct both local interviews and video conferences with candidates and all Jobbers will be hired by the platforms Human Resources department. Jobbers’ personal information will never be publicly accessible.

ConnectJob has a geolocation system that allows Jobbers to be tracked during their commute to the job site. All transactions are completed through the blockchain, increasing security for all users. Users can look up Jobbers history and previous reviews which helps build more trust on the platform.

Jobbers provide an hourly invoice to consumers and can be paid in CJT or fiat currency.

Roadmap for ConnectJob

ConnectJob launched in Eastern Europe for 3 months in 2018. They plan to make their platform available in 30 major cities across the globe in the next 5 years. In 2018, they plan to launch in New York, London, Dubai, and Paris. In 2019, ConnectJob will launch in Los Angeles and Moscow. By 2020, the platform will be live in Tokyo and Kyoto. The platform will launch in Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Madrid in 2021. In 2022, ConnectJob will be active in Seoul, Hong Kong, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami.

ConnectJob Token (CJT)

Users can obtain CJT during ConnectJob’s ICO. When the ICO closes, users can buy CJT from exchanges. ConnectJob allows users to buy CJT through their app with fiat currency for a small transaction fee. Users who complete transactions using CJT will receive a 10% discount for services they pay for. ConnectJob keeps a reserve of fiat currency in escrow to ensure against market illiquidity.


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