What is Condensate (RAIN) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Condensate is a blockchain-based network that supports decentralized transactions. With an environmental focus, Condensate enables transactions that are conducted on a peer-to-peer system without any central authorities or third parties involved. RAIN is the platform’s digital currency, that users can use for participation on the platform and to trade on exchanges.

The platform is environmentally conscious; hence the theme of its name and the name of its coin. Condensate incentivizes environmental watchdogs and whistleblowers, all around the world. It also enables the creation of RAIN Meters, which allow people to track important water metrics, and ensure environmental compliance. Ultimately, the platform generates revenue for and supports the development of scientific research about the environment and its protection, and rain as an important and valuable resource.

As a decentralized platform, Condensate allows users to make payments in real-time while protecting their identity. All transactions are secure and anonymous. Condensate’s central aim is to create a network that both support the environment and the people who care about it and take considerate action.

Features of Condensate (RAIN)

Condensate offers a wallet to all of its users, where they can store their RAIN safely and securely. The wallet is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and there are plans to make it available for Android devices as well.  

With dual Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithms, users of the Condensate platform are given the power to choose whether they want to keep their wallets open and mine RAIN, or mine RAIN by using their computing power. PoS and PoW are protocols that keep track of mining and ensure that the platform continues to operate as RAIN coins are produced.

The RAIN Coin

RAIN is Condensate’s internal form of cryptocurrency. Users are able to obtain RAIN by participating in the coin’s mining, or as they stake the coins they already have. RAIN also rewards users for their research and data about the environment; the platform aims to spread the knowledge of environmental protection and make that information more accessible to users around the world.

The RAIN coin can be exchanged on several platforms, including Coinexchange, Cryptopia, and NovaExchange. The price of the coin has not yet been stated, but the coin was officially introduced in 2017. While Condensate is currently in development, there are plans for the coin that will be implemented in 2018 and 2019.

Condensate is a truly environmentally conscious blockchain implementation. Although the platform is a recent startup and there isn’t much information yet about the team behind it and their plans for the future, the network is currently under improvement and development.

It plans to become an influential platform not only for the cryptocurrency community but to also have an impact in the environmental field, especially when it comes to the research and knowledge of environmental preservation. Ultimately, Condensate will contribute to the betterment of the environment as a revolutionary use of cryptocurrency, and it will figuratively rain throughout the world as users are able access scientific information in a more efficient manner. The platform will lead to higher knowledge about the environment, as users are enabled to better understand the world they live in.


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